From One Side to Another

‘We build too many walls and not enough bridges

… and bridges are definitely very pretty to spot and photograph around the world!!

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Picture perfect in Budapest, Hungarydsc_0034Surrounded by Autumn in Aguas de San Ramon, Santiago, Chiledsc06558A bridge to lunch outside of Sihanoukville, Cambodiadsc_0144A bridge to admire the view in Cajon del Maipo, Chiledsc07044 Bristol, England creating a bridgedsc_0182 The most moden of bridges in The Olympic Park, London, Englanddsc_1431From below in Cardiff, Walesdsc00256Tower Bridge as seen from the top of The Shard, London, Englanddsc00066Hanging from the bridge in Potsdam, Germanydsc01081The bridge or the road in Peñaflor, Chiledsc04213Picturesque in Oxford, Englanddsc_1502A bridge for as far as the eye can see at Angkor Wat, Cambodiadsc_0308Reflections under the bridge in Birmingham, Englanddsc01404Cycling to a view in Paris, Francedsc02222 Tower Bridge as seen from The Sky Garden, London, England dsc03037And by night…dsc03269Crossing the bridge and heading up the mountain in Walesdsc03106A bridge through the trees in Kew Gardens, London, Englanddsc03612A bridge to a home in Peñaflor, Chiledsc04182Crossing over in Aguas de San Ramon, Santiago, Chiledsc06153Finding love locks in Potsdam, Germanydsc01090London and it’s cranesdsc06680Colour to brighten up a grey day in Prague, Czech Republicdsc_0122 Off we go in Cajon del Maipo, Chiledsc06927Into the wild in Sihanoukville, Cambodiadsc_0164Who knew I had so many photos of bridges!!

Where have you seen the prettiest bridges?

Marcella xx

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41 thoughts on “From One Side to Another

  1. What a great collection of bridges you have!! I love Budapest so much and the bridges there are just amazing, that I can easily say they are my favourites.

    I’ll try not forget and send to you my piece of street art from Dublin! 🙂

  2. Yet another great themed photography post! Quite the collection of bridges you’ve got there! I’m pretty afraid of heights (and bridges haha), but I always like to get a good view from a bridge when I’m visiting a new place! Love the picture of Carlos hanging from the bridge too!

  3. LOVE this – I never thought about it before, but I also have a lot of photos of bridges. There is just something about them 🙂 I enjoyed the crooked, Indiana Jones (will i fall in!?!) type bridges on the Cocora Valley walks in Colombia!

  4. Amazing pictures!! The Tower Bridge is definitely one of my favorites… Along with the chain bridge in Budapest and the sponge Vecchio in Florence!!

  5. I always love how you focus on all the details from the places that you travel! Cities all over the world always seem so different, but they’re actually pretty similar once you think about it!

  6. Bridges are a great subject. All the cities I visited during my last trip to Europe where next to a river. Therefore, I had the great pleasure to cross bridges more than once during the day. We even past under some while riding boats.

  7. Beautiful photos! I love photos of bridges and seeing the perspective they give as well – very cool to see the difference between where they were leading in the photo and like the one in Cambodia. Also what is that in Bristol??? Looks so cool!

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