The View of a Lifetime at La Campana

On Saturday I saw an incredible sight.  I saw the whole width of Chile from just one view point!  Stretching all the way from The Andes mountain range (that marks the border with Argentina) to the coast.  Taking advantage of the long weekend here in Chile, we climbed up Cerro La Campana, which is around a 2.5hr drive from Santiago.

If somebody told you that you would have to do an 8-9 hour tough trek (round trip) to see an average view, you probably wouldn’t do it.  But, if somebody told you that you would see the whole width of Chile, you probably would.  And it was worth every one of those hours to see these views at the top and the bluest sky you could imagine!

Sometimes, images tell you so much more than words, and this is one of those times.

Views from on the way up

dsc07503 dsc07504 dsc07506Proof that Charles Darwin visited La Campanadsc07508 dsc07509 dsc07513dsc07517 dsc07519 dsc07520dsc07515 At the top
dsc07525 dsc07526 dsc07528 dsc07529dsc07524 dsc07530 dsc07531 dsc07532 dsc07533 dsc07534 dsc07535 dsc07536 dsc07537 dsc07538 dsc07539 dsc07540dsc07542 dsc07543 dsc07545 dsc07546 dsc07547

And then it was time to head downhill for four hours, which was less fun but that view stayed in our minds! 🙂

Chile, you really are beautiful.

Where’s the best view you’ve seen?

Marcella xx

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43 thoughts on “The View of a Lifetime at La Campana

  1. The trek definitely looks like it was worth the view. The photos are beautiful! I used to hike a lot when I lived in LA and one of my favorite views was from a hike in Orange County called Top of the World!

  2. Amazing view!! to be honest I’m not the hiking kind, so the highest I’ve been was either from a top of a tall building (in NYC and Chicago) and occasionally from mountains (in Switzerland from example)! In Switzerland the views are so beautiful and soothing (so much green) but on the other hand the view from the Empire State Building in NYC is breathtaking.

  3. You should be so proud of yourself, this looks like such a steep hike. The views are amazing, and it is so cool that you got the chance to walk the same trails are Charles Darwin!!

  4. Wow that’s an incredible view! I admit, it does sound like a terribly exhausting hike but seeing the whole width of Chile sounds unbelievable and totally worth it!

  5. I can’t believe that hike took that long, but you’re so right that the views were totally worth it! I can’t think of anything else to say but Wow!

  6. Woooaaaaaah! Yep that certainly looks like a hike and a half, but I can’t get over those views! Mountains for daaaaays! Your photos are beautiful. And the sky is so blue! You need to frame all of them, right now.

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