Lima’s Colourful Homes

There was one thing about Lima that really reminded me of Cartagena, Colombia. Now, I don’t think anywhere will ever match Cartagena for this particular thing as Cartagena is world famous for it.  But, Lima has some really beautiful, colourful homes.  Ones that make you reach for your camera, over and over again.

Currently, photos of colourful homes with beautiful balconies and flowers are so on trend.  You only have to look at Instagram to realise that and see hundreds of thousand of photos tagged with the hashtags #facades  #facadelovers #facadeporn  #Ihavethisthingforwalls #Ihavethisthingwithwalls etc… And, I just can’t stop looking at them.  I don’t know what it is; the colours, the patterns outside the homes, the combination of paint and flowers… but this type of photography has me hooked!

So here is my own #facadeporn from Miraflores and Barranco in Lima, Peru.  A combination of old and new, in harmony.dsc07181dsc07264dsc07180dsc07456 dsc07183dsc07187 dsc07189 dsc07259 dsc07161dsc07305 dsc07310 dsc07311 dsc07439dsc07320 dsc07322dsc07182 dsc07332 dsc07340dsc07156dsc07349 dsc07350 dsc07382dsc07179 dsc07383 dsc07386 dsc07417 dsc07420 dsc07421dsc07441 dsc07443 dsc07447 dsc07450dsc07186

Have you got a thing for colourful homes too?

Marcella xx

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43 thoughts on “Lima’s Colourful Homes

  1. So many beautiful houses and facades. I also love the ornate doors, gates and beautiful greenery up front that creates such a picturesque scene. I can never resist a lovely façade either. I remember I wanted to photograph every single house in Santo Domingo and San Juan (which drove my husband nuts lol).

  2. I love houses like these too, especially the colorful doors! This kind of reminds me of Montevideo, Uruguay… I took soooo many pictures of the colorful doors on the old colonial buildings. I wanted to do a post on that, but never got around to it!

  3. I think this kind of pics hooked us all! haha
    I also love taking pictures of facades and colourful homes, it is addictive, right? I loved the pics you shared, when I was in Peru I didn’t go to Lima and I regret it so much. Miraflores looks like a wonderful area. Hope one day I can go back and explore more.

  4. I love seeing all of those colorful homes! It’s the little things like a brightly colored house or house that has a ton of brightly colored flowers on the patio that can really brighten your day!

  5. So trendy and colorful! I don’t know why, but I didn’t expect Lima to look like this AT ALL! These look like two awesome neighborhoods to walk around. And I LOVE that picture of you up against the royal blue wall πŸ˜€

  6. Wow I love all that colour!! I have not yet made it anywhere in South America. One day! And all that beautiful bougainvilleas too! Great post – love looking at houses and these are great – love the orange ones the best!

  7. For the longest time, I have liked colorful houses, flowers, pots and quirky decorations. Of course, it has to do with being from Puerto Rico where all houses are painted in different colors. So, I am glad you have shared these pictures about Lima because it gives me a better idea of how the city is. I guess colors make you feel happy and maybe that is what residents want to transmit.

  8. I love all the colourful walls of Latin America!! It makes places so beautiful and seem happy. Wish we could have more of it in the UK but somehow doesn’t always work as well here – what do you think? I may still paint my house bright green or orange or purple one day though πŸ™‚ glad you had fun in Lima!

  9. Love it! The picture of you against the blue door is brilliant. For me, I think it’s something about looking at the front of someone’s home – the place where they live their life, day in day out, that’s so familiar to them and I’ll never know about. For them it’s home, for me it’s just a pretty photo. Does that make any kind of sense?!

  10. I have always loved seeing homes with fuschia pink bourgeanvilleas adorning doorways or gates… it brings about a lot of positive energy and a tropical feel to the place.

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