:: Spring in September ::

September, the month of crunchy leaves, Autumn fashion and back to school. When you are a teacher, your year always begins in September.  But, every morning this month, while going over the date with my class, I’ve been confused.photo 2DSC06243For September in Santiago, doesn’t mean any of these things.  It means longer days, spring blooms and the taste of Spring in the air.  It means chatter about summer plans and temperatures that have already starting reaching the mid 20s.

But that, it’s not September to me. DSC06868September is the month that means a fresh start, a new year, a new wardrobe and gorgeous colours of Autumn.  It’s funny how months mean and symbolise different things, and how it feels oh so strange that September, the start of my year, isn’t the start anymore.  It’s simply just another month, on the way to Summer.

I arrived in Chile at the beginning of November, the end of the Spring.  When the sky was permanently blue while evenings still got cooler.  I couldn’t believe that it was still Spring as it felt like the best Summer days in London.DSC04266DSC04147DSC04152DSC04268DSC04158Very soon, it was Summer and it was a long, long summer full of colour and the hottest days.  It was so long that I couldn’t remember the feeling of cold anymore as the days stretched on and on and the sun never seemed to go down.  It was bliss, though sometimes too hot as 36 degrees is always too hot!DSC05681DSC05503DSC06006DSC04361DSC04683When Summer finished, which felt like it had been forever, which is always a good thing.  Autumn slowly crept in and beautiful Autumn colours filled the trees and the pavements.  The days got shorter and everyone complained about how cold it was getting, when to me, it still felt like an English summer as the sun still shone.DSC05599DSC06242DSC06244DSC06557DSC06230DSC06549DSC05614Winter then arrived and the days drew shorter still, there were very few days of rain but cold mornings meant Ugg boots and parkers… even if it wasn’t for very long compared to at home.  There were still days with sunshine, and the mountains with snow capped tops could always be seen.DSC05813DSC05436And now, despite feeling like I should be in Autumn, I head into Spring again ready for another long summer where February is the hottest month, rather than the coldest.DSC06871DSC06979

And my eternal body clock feels oh so confused…

Marcella xx

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47 thoughts on “:: Spring in September ::

      • Amazing blog! Do you have any reoinmemdatcons for aspiring writers? I’m planning to start my own website soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you recommend starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m completely confused .. Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

  1. Beautiful photos. Yes, September feels like Autumn to me too – colder, darker nights, colourful leaves and conkers! We’re having an unexpected heatwave in the UK right now so it’s all gone a bit topsy turvy here too! #WanderfulWednesday

  2. That would confuse me too. I don’t know if I could handle that because starting in September I start getting in the mood for fall by cooking pumpkin meals, attempting to wear scarfs and enjoying the crisp mornings. #WanderfulWednesday

  3. I couldn’t feel this post more. My body and mind have been SO confused since moving here. Even though I know the date and always have it in my head (I have to write it on the white board everyday) it doesn’t feel real, like I’m living in some kind of dreamland. The fact that summer is coming gets me so excited, but it also feels so wrong hahah.. I just can’t even believe that I’ll probably be on the beach for Christmas!

  4. I just got back to autumnal Tromso after being in sunny Spain for a week and honestly, I so wouldn’t mind to have spring right now 😀 But at the latest during Christmas, I would want the cold to be back cause Christmas without snow is just not the same 😉

  5. So funny! Interesting how things change depending where in the world you leave. Just before reading your post I was telling my husband we need to make plans to see the fall colors in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. So, I guess it is fall for us. Will need to wait several months for spring!

  6. What gorgeous photos! I can imagine that’s strange, going back to school and there not being a new crisp in the air, new season apples to eat, and leaves turning. Very strange! Do you think it would less strange having the seasons back to front if you weren’t a teacher?

    • Thank you!! 🙂 Well we didn’t actually go back to school as our holidays are Dec-Feb so I am feeling really weird about not having had summer holidays and now not starting a new year.
      I think being a teacher adds to the confusion, haha. But I also think we are really ingrained into our ways of thinking about the seasons – a cold Christmas, hot August etc 🙂

  7. I totally know how you feel! Even though September doesn’t mean a ‘new year’ as an adult for me, it’s still like a new beginning, a way to start afresh. I think that connotation will never leave you – unless you stay in Chile for a while 🙂 I had that weird mixed up feeling recently when I talked to a friend and told her ‘as a child I hated having a summer birthday because all my friends had gone on holidays’ and she said ‘yeah I know, me too’ her birthday is in January but it took me only half a second to realise that she was from South Africa so of course that meant middle of the summer for her 🙂

  8. Lovely pictures. and love the way you jotted down the confusion seems… hope it isn’t too much problem for you to adjust to it. Hang it there and seize the day:).

  9. Beautiful pictures and colors. Now I want to eat some berries. lol. I couldnt imagine waking up in september, and it feels warmer. The closest I got to that feeling, was when I was living in Florida. It just feels “off”.

  10. I can relate – when I lived in Syndey Australia, cooking burgers on the beach and going for swims such so strange to me at Christmas time! It didn’t feel like Christmas (plus the fact I was away from family). There is definitely an association with months/season/dates of the year even when it’s completely different in the country you’re currently living in. I wish I was in the Southern Himeshpere right now…. I’m bracing for our first long, dark winter here in Scotland :/

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