Mountains, Waterfalls & Pink Sky

Sometimes, things happen that weren’t supposed to happen and you get to see sights like these…DSC06974DSC06904

Two weeks ago, we had a long weekend here in Chile.  Carlos and I had decided to spend it camping now that Spring is on the way and we set of early on the Saturday morning and drove an hour and a half from Santiago.  Carlos had said we didn’t need to book, until we turned up and the camping place was full…! I didn’t say I told you so, but I did 😉  We looked at other places around the area, but there was nothing that had access to hikes too.

So, we changed plans completely and drove for another hour and a half to the beautiful area of Cajon del Maipo to camp in Cascada de Las Animas, which translates as the waterfall of the spirits.

Cascade de Las Animas in an area with camping, cabins, domes and a hostel.  It has private land with two waterfalls and lots of nature.  So, we set up camp and were ready for our weekend.DSC06819DSC06985 DSC06823DSC06805 DSC06839DSC06987

The next morning, we joined the hike that is organised by the centre.  You have to go with the group as it is on private land.  It was a very easy 90 min hike, with some stunning mountain and waterfall views.

So sad about that grey sky though, as the photos don’t do justice to the colours… next time, eh?! DSC06848 DSC06851 DSC06855 DSC06881 DSC06883 DSC06892The valley was pretty swoon worthy and picturesque! DSC06897 DSC06901 DSC06902 And those waterfalls, they were pretty nice too 🙂DSC06896DSC06903DSC06909 DSC06914 DSC06927That evening, Chile showed us what it does best, an amazing sunset.  The whole sky turned pink and was beautiful!  I was lucky to get my camera just in time, as the sky quickly turned black.  Just look at these…
DSC06969DSC06979 DSC06984

It was pretty spectacular! 🙂

Are you a camping fan?

Marcella xx

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39 thoughts on “Mountains, Waterfalls & Pink Sky

  1. Wow – I’m speechless at those pink skies! Absolutely beautiful. I love camping – especially when you wake up in such a stunning place. Your pictures of the fire are fantastic too! Any tips for fire photography? I’ve added this place to my to do list when I get a chance to come back to Chile 🙂

  2. Despite the grey skies, it still looks amazing (and nice photos.) I can’t wait to go camping.. .it’s been far too long. But we’ll be heading into fall/winter soon… so it’ll have to wait.

  3. I have to say I’m a very new camping fan! My trek in Peru swayed me! I’ve been dying to get to Cascada de Animas but Everytime I’ve tried to go it has been booked. I still can’t believe you got a spot on such short notice! This post makes me want to go even more, so I guess I better get planning! And those skies!!! God I love a good Santiago sky 😀

  4. I totally would have told my husband I told you so as well, but I’m glad that everything ended up working out for the best! Your hike looks beautiful, but oh my goodness that sunset is beautiful!

  5. I love cabin camping. Not the biggest fan of tent camping but am willing to do it if I HAVE to haha. The views from your hike – love when a valley just opens up so you have a clear birds eye view of everything. And that sunset! ❤ It's been a while since my husband and I went camping and this post is making me think we should make weekend date with nature sometime soon!

  6. I am an absolute camping fan! For the last year, this is the only way I have travelled in Australia. I have recently discovered a passion for hiking as well and I love reading about all the hikes there are all around the world. One day I want to come to South-America and climb Aconcagua! Now this would be an adventure. I loved your photos! Thanks for sharing #WanderfulWednesday

  7. I can’t believe those pink skies – they are absolutely spectacular. And what a waterfall. I also love rickety rope bridges! I really have to broaden my horizons and get out of Europe a bit more, this looks like such an amazing place for photogenic hikes.

  8. Your pictures are gorgeous! I might have to put Santiago on my list 🙂 The hike seemed like a moderate one too! Thanks for hosting the linkup!

  9. I love getting the chance to see Chile through your eyes. And you are right, sometimes things go right even if they were not so well planned. This is an example of this!

  10. I love when things don’t go according to plan, but they turn out even better!! That pink sky is BEAUTIFUL! I’ve only see a pink sky like that once, and it was back home in California! And I have a picture that’s very similar to your 2nd to last pic!

  11. haha I’m definitely not a camping fan, but this is marvellous! I like when things that aren’t meant to happen actually make the whole trip. And don’t worry about the grey, the landscapes are still stunning! Anything with the Cordillera in the background is beautiful!

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