A Love Letter to Photography {World Photo Day}

Today is World Photo Day, a day that celebrates a passion of photography.

Photography is a huge part of my life.  It’s my number one hobby (along with travel, of course!) and something that I hope I am never without.  Kew Gardens, London

I got into photography at an early age as both of my parents were into it, and I’ve never looked back.  I used to have a film camera that I used when on holiday with my family as a child.  Of course, the photos I took weren’t great, but the memories they bring me are 🙂  I actually wrote a post featuring some of my childhood photos here.  I also studied photography at school for my GCSE and then for A level too (between the ages of 14-18), where I mostly did darkroom development.  When I was 19, my parents bought me an SLR, that still works amazingly, to this day.

Blogging has made me get even more into photography, as has reading other blogs with so many stunning photos.

I love the memories that photographs bring meDSC03194DSC03329DSC_0170DSCF4390DSC06047DSC02558

I love that photography always makes me look closer and appreciate the detailsDSC_0090DSC_0052DSC04196DSC03731DSC03699

I love that photography allows me to be creativeDSC_0120DSC_0231DSC03170I love that photography inspires meDSC05739DSC05813

I love that photography is colourfulDSC00882DSC_0648DSC02375

I love that each and every scene looks different through every different lensDSC00196DSC_0036DSC03021DSC06734

I love that photography teaches you so much; composition, settings, colour, anglesDSC03288DSC_0068 2DSC_0246I love that photography takes me places, both in reality and in my dreamsDSCF2342DSC05395DSCF3088san-pedro-7DSC_0442DSCF4185

Thank you lovely blogger friends for all of the inspiration you bring me through your camera lenses ❤

What do you love about photography?

Have a wonderful, and photographic weekend!

Marcella xx

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17 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Photography {World Photo Day}

  1. Exceptionally beautiful collection Marcella, I love all these colors. They’re so refreshing. Just want to know about the picture of waterfall. Where did you take that shot?

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