Finding Spring in El Cajon del Maipo

This weekend was a long weekend.  And long weekends mean one extra day for adventures.

This long weekend, Carlos and I headed for a weekend camping in Cascada de las Animas in El Cajon del Maipo which is located just South East of Santiago.  It’s the perfect place for the most incredible mountain views, greenery, snow and just general nature.DSC06867DSC06844DSC06862

I think it’s so easy when we go somewhere new to focus on the big things in front of us; those snowy mountains, that huge landmark, the architecture above, the massive waterfall etc.  But, sometimes the smaller things are just as pretty and as photo worthy.DSC06800DSC06845DSC06864

That’s one reason that I always like to document the change of seasons on my blog.  It makes me look a little closer, to notice the colours and the subtle changes.  And this blog post is about just that.DSC06847DSC06861

While we were out walking we saw truly beautiful scenery, which I’ll be sharing with you in my next couple of blog posts, It was seriously incredible!  But nestled between all of the greenery, there were very small signs of Spring being on the way.  Very few trees that were blooming, which made them even more beautiful!DSC06859DSC06865DSC06866

I know most of you are heading into Autumn but here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are seeing longer days, warmer temperatures and Spring blooms!  Which means I get to take photos like this, which always reminds me to look a little closer and linger for a little longer.DSC06871DSC06868DSC06870DSC06874 DSC06876 DSC06877 DSC06869

Do you also document in the smaller details?

Marcella xx

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36 thoughts on “Finding Spring in El Cajon del Maipo

  1. I really need to learn to appreciate the little details more! I’m one of those that’s always blown away by the bigger things, but forgets to take a closer look. These flowers and trees are incredible and I can’t believe theyre already blooming among all the snow in Cajón! Spring is almost here!!! Can’t wait 😀

  2. How lovely it is there at the beginning of spring! Are there blooms everywhere at this point or only in certain places? I remember last spring how eager I was to find any blooms… any signs of spring over here in Central Europe where it doesn’t really get going until mid-April.

  3. I love how you always capture all of the details on your trips into nature! Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, even if my allergies go crazy, and I love being able to see everything come alive again! Everything in bloom is so magical!

  4. Great photos of blossoms! I love seeing the beginnings of Spring. I’ve always loved the different seasons but I find I look at the changing of the seasons so much more closely since I saw David Hockney’s wonderful exhibition last year at the Royal Academy in London. He painted the same landscape again and again over a period of a year and the results were extraordinary. Glad to be back on #WanderfulWednesday

  5. I think taking photos and documenting my trips has helped me to appreciate the details. I agree that sometimes they are the best part of an adventure. I think this is true in natural areas. There is so much to see!

  6. Great photos! I can use all the pictures of flowers, spring & summertime to abate the feeling that fall/winter is right around the corner (as it feel like in Scotland!) #WanderfulWednesday

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