Lessons Learnt From Travel

Travel, it teaches you so much.  Some things you learn at the time, while others you learn afterwards upon reflection.  They say that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, and I totally agree.DSC06410

:: Travel brings you lifelong friends.

Two of my very best friends are ones that I met through travelling, two of whom were my bridesmaids.  Travelling together means that you spend 24 hours together, sharing beds, screaming at mice in a hotel room in India, trying to find the most comfortable position a night train, attempting to read maps… the list goes on.    DSC03328:: Travel teaches you to be spontaneous.  

Forget looking in the guide book to find your next eatery, or planning out your trip before.  Travel teaches you that so much more happens on a trip when you just let it be!  You will meet somebody who will tell you all about a place around the corner that you have to go to, or a hostel that is the best in the city.DSC03163

 ::Travel teaches you to be resourceful.

Stuffed into your backpack, you don’t have an outfit for every occasion, neither do you have an accessory to match!  Travel teaches you to live with what you have in your bag for no matter how long that may be, and no matter how clean it may be!DSC05128

:: Travel teaches you to be in the moment.

When we travel, we are fully in the moment.  We aren’t thinking about that thing we forgot to do at work, or that email we need to send.  We are often without WiFi and all of the technologies that we get so used to.  We simply are there, then, just in that moment.DSC01164

:: Travel teaches you to be grateful.

Grateful for the opportunity to travel, grateful for the life we have at home, grateful for all of the experiences.DSC_0046

:: Travel teaches you about geography.

From mountains, to deserts, to jungle, to beach.  Travel teaches us to look beyond our locality and experience all of the nature that the world has to offer.DSC_0106DSC01973DSC_0231

:: Travel makes you look closer.

So often, we walk with our heads looking down.  Thinking about where we need to be next and what we need to be doing later.  We sometimes miss the colour around us.  Travel makes us see all of the details from the pretty flowers, to the decorated walls to the fabrics being worn.DSC03426DSC03700

:: Travel teaches you about culture.

You can read a book about culture, and watch a documentary too.  But, there is really nothing better than experiencing a new culture for yourself.  Learning about the way food is prepared, the local greetings, the significance of symbols and myths.DSC_0876DSCF1275

What has travel taught you?

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Marcella xx

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29 thoughts on “Lessons Learnt From Travel

  1. Some great lessons you have listed, Marcella. Totally agree with ‘travel makes you look closer’ – at everyday life and the places and people we encounter.

  2. This is a great article and so true! I have learned so much since I have begun traveling with my husband. What would be nice though is if we could incorporate some of those lessons in our everyday life. How much better would home be if we learned to look around and see the little things? Or were spontaneous? 🙂

  3. So true! I think I’ve learned all of these lessons in someway over the years. I love the idea that travel makes you look closer. I definitely take more time to appreciate the simple moments and the small details when in a new place.

  4. I actually learned photography from traveling. I always loved taking pictures but when I embarked on my semester abroad, a family friend lent me a really nice camera and lens and told me to look for the details and things that people miss… and I’ve never looked back. 😉

  5. Travel truly is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer, which is exactly why I’m showing my little girl the world instead of filling our house up with inanimate objects. Nicely written post!

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  7. Gorgeous photos! I love applying these lessons to my everyday life; the eyes you have as a tourist somehow don’t always translate to the morning commute, and I think they should! I know we can’t always pollyanna around life but I think travel’s taught me to get the most possible out of things and look outside the box. Oh yes, and be resourceful with what I have – eg 101 uses for nail clippers!

  8. I love that shot of the boat, clear waters and the white cliff, where is it? And yes, travel certainly does cement friendships… all that you go through and you can’t help but become closer! Thanks for linking up 🙂

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