Santiago’s Best Views

Views.  Everybody loves them!

There is something special about seeing a landscape from above, admiring how small and model-like it looks.  And, cities are no exception.  Whenever you visit a city, it’s always a challenge to try and find the best view to get that ‘wow’ feeling, to snap away at photos and gaze below to see what you can see.

Santiago de Chile is no exception.  And the great thing about the city is that so many of these views are from nature, meaning you can climb to the top and really feel that everything gets smaller and smaller.

My favourite views can be seen from…

Cerro San Cristóbal:

A hill in the middle of the city, reached by foot or funicular.DSC05488 DSC05487 DSC05486

Sky Costanera:

Latin America’s highest (indoor) point boasts views across the city.  These were taken during Spring, but I’ve seen amazing images in winter where all the snow-capped mountains are on display too!DSC04576 DSC04598 DSC04582 DSC04554 DSC04544

Parque Natural Aguas de Ramón:

A beautiful natural park in Santiago with amazing views into the city from above. What’s even better is that you are surrounded by nature as you admire the city below.DSC06085DSC06086Cerro Manquehue:

The highest hill (though to me it looks like a mountain) in the valley of Santiago has the most jaw-dropping views of the city.  These photos were taken way back in 2011, so I really need to go again!DSC_0178 DSC_0181 DSC_0224


This photo really isn’t great, but it was taken from a moving car.  This view was totally unexpected as we drove back into Santiago and I gasped at the view out of the window. DSC06435

Our flat:

Maybe not the best view in Santiago, but a special one to us as we see it everyday, and it always changes!DSC06225 DSC06226 DSC05671 DSC06073 DSC05781 DSC05578 DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC05799 DSC05779 DSC_0007 DSC05756

Where do you find your favourite views?

I will be slower at commenting and replying to comments this week as I am currently in London soaking up all of the family and friend time I can get.  Back soon!

Marcella xx

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37 thoughts on “Santiago’s Best Views

  1. All of those views of Santiago are so breathtaking! I love how you can see all the mountains around the city, but the sunsets from your flat are absolutely beautiful!

  2. Crazy beautiful – I would go as far as to say you have a FANTASTIC view from your flat! I never knew how much I would miss looking at the mountains until I moved to this (mostly) flat lil’ country 😉

  3. Some of my favorite Santiago views! Seeing Santiago from above really is a special experience! I think my favorite view is from my very only balcony, but maybe that’s just because it’s unique to me as well 😀

  4. These are some gorgeous views. I like that there are some indoor plus outdoor ones so you can enjoy them in all seasons. You already know I think the view from your flat is amazing – in fact I think it’s my favourite! Not even making that up. I think it’s cool that you can see some city close up and some mountains far away. And those sunsets! How do you ever move away from your window!

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