:: Turning 28 ::

When is a better time to look back and reflect upon a year, as your birthday. Tomorrow I turn 28, which I am still counting as mid 20s 😉  and here are some of my moments, big and small from year number 27.


Moving to Chile  :: This was of course the biggest change of this year, and perhaps my life so far.  Now, it’s been over 8 months of living in Chile.DSC06454

Skipping the seasons ::  I managed to fit two summers into this year as I skipped from Autumn in England to Spring in Chile.DSC04683 DSC04266 photo 2 DSC04154DIY wedding planning :: We arrived in Chile with just seven weeks to go until we got married, meaning lots of wedding preparation.photo 1Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0160Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0140Finding beauty in the everyday :: Moving to another country definitely taught me to look a little closer and find the beauty in the most ordinary things. Being in new surroundings helps you to do that and gives you new eyes.DSC04392DSC04196Getting married :: 26th December 2015 was the best day 🙂Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0351IMG_1297Having my family and friends come to Santiago for our wedding :: We were so lucky to have friends and family visit us in Chile from all over the world (England, South Korea, Russia, Japan, Mexico and Ecuador).  We got to show them some of Chile and spend Christmas and new year together.DSC04541Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0670Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0693 copyVisiting my favourite city again  :: Valparaíso, Chile is one of my favourite cities for it’s art, colour and vibrance so living in Santiago means I get to visit often.DSC05982DSC06006DSC06013DSC05932DSC06047Honeymooning in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia :: One of the most amazing places I’ve ever been.  We had an incredible ten day honeymoon in the most beautiful place.DSC05194DSC04816DSC05395DSC04886DSC04720Flat moving :: We moved into our flat in February and love it so, especially the views that I never stop talking about!DSC06225Mountain gazing  :: I never tire of the mountain view here in Santiago, it really is special.  And, we get the best view from our balcony too!DSC06320DSC05813DSC05756 photoSunset seeking  :: I’m not used to seeing so many sunsets in London, but have loved seeing the dramatic sky tones here and how they differ every day.DSC06073photophoto 3DSC_0005DSC05740Adventuring :: There is so much adventure to be found right on your doorstep, you just have to find it.  Lots of our weekends have been about finding adventure close by. photo 4DSC04228 DSC05719DSC06381 DSC05681 DSC05623DSC05540 DSC05537That was 27.  Now, it’s time for 28 🙂

Marcella xx

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30 thoughts on “:: Turning 28 ::

  1. It looks like 27 was filled with so many changes, but also so many wonderful memories! That’s so awesome that y’all had so many people fly in from all of those countries for your wedding! And I would totally take 2 summers over 2 winters every year!

  2. Happy birthday! I hope you’re having a great time in the UK and are managing to eat plenty of cake. That’s one good thing about the grim weather, it makes it perfectly acceptable to stuff one’s face!

    (Still can’t get over the fact we met IRL and didn’t even know it. So crazy!)

  3. Happy birthday again 🙂 What a wonderful year! I love the wedding photos, you guys look so full of happiness and love. And your flat views are just incredible! Oh and I definitely claimed 28 as mid-20s…. sadly had to give that up at 29! 😉

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