London’s Calling

In two days time, I’m off to London.  My home city, for two weeks.  It’s been just over eight months since I left London for Santiago, and I can’t wait to get back.

London.  My first true love.  The city of…

Green parks.  Right in the middle of the bustling cityDSC03917 DSC03900 DSC03809

Cuisine. I love the variety of cuisines that you can find in London, from near and far.  DSC03731 DSC03733 DSC02357 DSC03249

Art.  Found inside the many, many galleries and along the streets too.DSC03821DSC04108DSC04105DSC01880

Culture.  Despite everything that is happening in the news at the moment. The thing that makes me the proudest to be a Londoner is the multicultural nature of the city.  Everyday you hear languages from all over the world, you can taste food from every corner of the globe, see art and culture from a variety of cultures.  DSC04003

Those famous landmarks.  Those landmarks that make you feel like you are home.DSC03756 DSC03757 DSC03704

And the most important of all, my family and friends.  I’m coming!!

Marcella xx

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48 thoughts on “London’s Calling

  1. I hope to go to London one day! Such a cool place. Have a great time at “home” and safe travels.

  2. I hope that you have the best time going home to visit your family! All of the things that you mentioned is what I love about visiting a big city too! There’s always so much amazing culture, and I love finding all of those green gardens too!

  3. My first visit to London was in the cold – I would LOVE to see it in spring or summer and all colourful and bright like your photos!! Can’t wait to get back to visit again next year 🙂 And can’t wait to see more of your pictures!!

  4. I love London for all the reasons you mentioned! I’m desperate to go back… I’m overdue for some time in Hyde Park and at the theatre!

  5. Yay London! I’ve only been as a visitor not a resident, but you completely hit the nail on the head why I’ve loved my trips to London in the past. Oh and the free museums, and availability of so much theatre, and the history…the list goes on! 🙂 Have a great trip!

  6. This is so exciting Marcella! You’ve summarised so well so many of the reasons I love London so much and why it just feels like such a special home 🙂 Your family and friends must be so thrilled at your homecoming!

  7. London has a huge piece of my heart! I lived there when I was little and went back to visit a couple years ago. I can’t wait to return again. I actually just wrote about my experience there on my blog. I still think about the amazing city constantly. London is always calling my name.

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