Admiring the Most Amazing Walls

I thought I had reached my limit on how much I love street art.

That was until this Saturday when Carlos and I went to Museo A Cielo Abierto in San Miguel, Santiago. A place that very few people know about and a true hidden gem!  Because, we got to see the most incredible pieces of art, like these…DSC06441DSC06457DSC06448So let me tell you about this incredible initiative.  The outside of these housing blocks had become neglected and were in desperate need of being painted because they had been tagged with so much grafitti (and not the good kind!) and layers upon layers of pasted adverts.

So, the neighbourhood got together and decided to do something about it.  Centro Cultural Mixart embraced this movement and for over four years they worked at transforming the area into a free public art gallery with no restrictions on access, that can be enjoyed by the community and visitors alike.DSC06443DSC06469

The murals are all painted on the end of the housing blocks on three roads, meaning there are rows of them to be seen at the end of every street.  It’s a great way to bring art, colour and vibrance to an area.  These photos give you an idea of the scale of the art
DSC06471DSC06466DSC06481DSC06473It was also interesting to see the themes of the murals as many of them had a political or religious message to them.  Showing that art really is a form of expression.  There were also lots that featured parts of Chilean cultures such as myths and legends or different parts of the country.DSC06465DSC06463DSC06467DSC06455

One thing that makes these pieces of art even more special is that each and everyone of them is huge, and I mean huge (about 8m high) and so detailed.  It’s crazy to think about how long the design, sketch and painting process must have taken for each one.  I saw some of the most talented street art that I’ve ever seen and without a doubt, some of the most detailed.DSC06482
DSC06439 DSC06440DSC06442DSC06454DSC06449DSC06458 DSC06459 Hi there!DSC06460DSC06470DSC06477 And of course, it’s always nice to see my name around 😉 Which is something I still haven’t got used to as Marcela (with just the one l) is a very popular name here. Marcela Paz is a Chilean author.DSC06451What a seriously amazing place and such a hidden gem in Santiago, with a great story behind it too!


Which one is your favourite piece?  If it’s possible to even choose one!!

Marcella xx

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42 thoughts on “Admiring the Most Amazing Walls

  1. I liked quite a few of the artwork a lot but the one that drew me the most was the third one – where the front and back of the woman touching her head with her hand is shown simultaneously. Wonderful community initiative!

  2. I don’t even think I can choose one!! I need to get here soon.. I’ve been hearing so much about it and seriously need to go see all the art. looks absolutely amazing! I’ll have to ask ya for tips 😀

  3. That sounds like such a fun place to visit! I love that the city created a positive place for people to come and enjoy art from something that was so negative! That’s awesome that you also saw your name all over the place too!

  4. This is such a brilliant initiative – it’s so great when people can see this type of art as separate from “graffiti,’ and understand how much beauty and value it can bring to a community. You’ve captured it all beautifully, as well – great angles!

  5. Have to agree these walls are amazing! Looks like artists wanted to give their best to the community. I like when you feel like you have seen everything of something and then your are proven wrong. Thanks for sharing this place!

  6. It would certainly be very difficult to choose one, but if I absolutely had to choose one it would be the art piece by which you are posing at the end of the post, so beautiful! Although the collection of these murals look all so vibrant and captivating, thanks for sharing! xoxo, nano

  7. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful!!! I love that you always find the most fascinating street art – these are even more interesting to me because they are plugged into where people live!! So incredible!

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