Upcoming Adventures

The anticipation of travel and trips is one of the very best feelings!  I don’t do lots of research and planning for trips, I’ve always travelled with very few plans as I much prefer wandering around and seeing what I find.  That just builds up the excitement of the unknown.DSC02480

Last year was very low on travels as we were saving up to move to Chile but this year we have managed to get some amazing flights deals, so…

July – London

In July, I head to my home city of London for two whole weeks.  Above all else, I’m so excited to see my family and friends.  Excited to wander the streets that I know so well, to indulge in Indian food, to visit some exhibitions and see that dreamy London skyline.  And, maybe even experience some summer weather, but that one is never sure as you know, it’s England!

There is nothing better than seeing the sights of London after a while awayDSC03756Exploring the many unique and incredible exhibitions of the cityDSC03984Getting some park time, despite being in the middle of the cityDSC03954And of course, Indian food (and chocolate chai!)  I’ve already planned a trip to Dishoom for my birthday.DSC04044DSC03731Also, a trip to my favourite place in London; ShoreditchDSC03229

September – Lima, Peru

September sees the Chilean National Day celebrations which means I have a week off work.  Two friends of ours messaged to say they were travelling from London to Peru for two weeks, one of which happens to be my week’s holiday, so we are heading to Lima for four days to join them.  I’ve heard such great things about the city.  I’m so excited to see the colours, the food and soak up all of the atmosphere.

October-November – Arica, Chile

We have two bank holidays (public holidays) in a row on the 31st October and 1st November which happen to fall on Monday and Tuesday, so hello four-day weekend!!  We are heading to the very north of Chile, just 30 minutes drive from Peru, to Arica.  Carlos’ cousin wrote me a post about Arica a while ago, so I’m excited for some beach time and exploring this small city.la_puntilla_sunset humedal_lluta2

December/January – Chilean trips

My parents will be coming to Chile for around three weeks over Christmas and new years, while I am on holiday from work, so I’ll not only exploring Santiago with fresh eyes but there will also be time for some potential trips.  Maybe to Patagonia, and maybe we will even get to spend new year’s eve in Valparaíso, something I’ve dreamt of for years!

Have you planned any adventures?  If you have any tips for these places, please let me know!!

Marcella xx

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18 thoughts on “Upcoming Adventures

  1. Ohhhh I can’t wait to see Peru and Chile through your blog!!! They’re both on my bucket list!
    And I totally agree – the anticipation and planning is half the fun!

  2. Wow amazing trips ahead! I wish you the very best back in the UK and hope you discover lots on your other trips. And yes Valpo for NYE is the best!!

  3. How exciting!! Yessss eat all the Indian food you can get in London! Indian food is one of my favorites and I’m lucky that I can get it here now whenever I want! But hmmm I don’t think I’ve seen chocolate Chai… I may have to hunt for it now! And I can’t wait to hear about Lima, Peru! x

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