Travelling Through Other’s Eyes

A love of travel isn’t just about the act of travelling.  It’s about dreaming of travelling, anticipating travelling and re-living it all once you are back at home.DSC04759

The great thing about reading travel blogs, and having blog friends, is that you get to travel all over the world with them.  You go to countries that you’ve never been to, and cities you’ve never heard of.  You travel to see amazing architecture, inspiring nature and you get to eat the tastiest food.

To commemorate the end of the Travel Tuesday link up today, I am sharing some of my favourite places I’ve travelled to through other’s eyes, all of whom I’ve met through the link up.  Some of them recent and some much older, that I’ve never forgotten.

I travelled around South Africa and went on safari with Camila from Adventitious Violet.dscf4560-version-2-1024x768I went to see the unbelievable colours of Antelope Canyon in Arizona with Lauren from Lauren on Location.IMG_3785 2Michelle from Mish Fish 13 took me around the stunning Scottish Highlands.15805179919_090f486e54_bAnna from Slightry Astray has taken me on the most amazing foodie adventures around the world including To D’Talipapa Market in Boracay.DTalipapa-platter-of-raw-prawns 2I’ve learnt so much about living in the Czech Republic with Cynthia from Adventurings, she always writes the most beautifully reflective posts and inspires me to explore my local surroundings.tumblr_inline_nvp7nx1qRV1ru7j2w_1280With Amy from Amy and the Great World, I got to see the beauty of Costa Rica while she was on her honeymoon.IMG_5487Jessi from Two Feet, One World has taken me on the most amazing nature hikes with incredible views, especially those in New Zealand. IMG_1856 2I’ve learnt all about Slovenia and it’s amazing beauty from Isabel from The Sunny Side of This, the mountain shots get me every time!velikaplanina 2I’ve also tripped around the incredibly stunning (and snowy) Arctic with Van from Snow in Tromso.93071ae8-9969-477a-9a06-0f538406bb32Rachel from A Nesting Nomad recently took me with her to Istanbul and showed me all about Turkish Delight, a city that is in my dreams so often these days!1amazingturkishdelightCourtney from Alkeks Abroad has taken me to the best places in Australia, I’ve been on so many beautiful hikes with her.IMG_5440 3

Thanks so much for the inspiration, the incredible images and the most wanderful stories.  Because, what would blogging be without blog friends and this amazing community?  You are all the best!

Marcella xx

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Welcome to the Wanderful Wednesday Link-up!

My favourite post from last week was Exploring Historic Charleston by The Wandering Weekenders. Make sure you go and check it out, if you haven’t already:)

So, are you ready for week three?

Consider yourself a wanderer?! Well then, this Blog Hop is for you!

Meet your hosts: Lauren of Lauren on Location, Van of Snow in Tromso, Isabel of The Sunny Side of This and Marcella of What a Wonderful World.

Here on Wanderful Wednesday we hope to promote an open and supportive community for like-minded bloggers- expats, travelers and all kinds of wanderers!  The linkup will take place every Wednesday at 8:00am GMT.

Wanderful Wednesday Guidelines:

  1. Link up a wanderful travel related post below! One per blogger per week please!
  2. Spread the LOVE! Blog Hops are all about hopping around & getting to know others within the community! At the very least please try to comment on one other post before you go!
  3. Let’s get Social! Really liked a post you read? Don’t be shy! Share your favorites on Social Media! You can use the hashtag: #wanderfulwednesday
  4. Don’t forget to grab the button and link back to your wanderful hosts! Help us spread the word and let’s get others involved!

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32 thoughts on “Travelling Through Other’s Eyes

  1. Aw thanks for including me in your roundup. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed all the hikes :). I was getting kind of nostalgic writing my farewell post today thinking of all the great blogs I’ve found through Travel Tursday. So glad we have Wanderful Wednesday to fill its void.

  2. I’m getting all sniffly at these Best of Travel Tuesday posts! I so hate to see it go, but am glad that unlike when tv shows end, we can still “see” the familiar travel blog faces online every day when new posts go live and new link-ups pick up where old ones left off. Thanks for helping TT end on a high note!

  3. So many wonderful places, beautiful pictures, and adventuresome bloggers that you share. I need a night to tuck in and read ALL the posts!

  4. Aww I can’t believe Travel Tuesday is ending! I can’t believe how many amazing bloggers/friends I found through that link-up–including you! Thanks for the shout-out…and for reminding me that I have barely blogged about Costa Rica ;). Looking forward to being part of your new Wanderful Wednesday linkup! 🙂

  5. That was my favorite part about the Travel Tuesday linkup as well, getting to travel to so many amazing locations with so many great bloggers! I’m so sad that it’s gone, but I’m also so glad that y’all decided to create this linkup so we can continue traveling together! Thanks so much for sharing my post from last week! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know all of you amazing ladies!

    • Totally agreed, I have learnt so so much about lots of different places, and my list for places I want to go seems to be growing and growing. It was a pleasure to read your post from last week, I loved it! 🙂 So pleased you’ve joined us.

  6. Love this post Marcella! You put it so beautifully! Traveling is definitely about more than just the act itself! I constantly find myself day dreaming about my next adventures! And I’ve loved traveling through others eyes as well! It’s the best part of blogging! Glad you enjoyed coming along to Antelope Canyon with me 😀 Hope we can actually travel some more together soon! 😀

  7. Awwwwww this is suuuuch a sweet post and a perfect tribute to the link-up we all have known and loved… and definitely how I found your blog and all of these other great ones. Thank you for the sweet words and all of your London/Chilean inspiration as well!

  8. Awww I loved this roundup! All the feels. Isn’t it cool how many countries and continents we travelled during that linkup? That’s why I loved it so much. And so many of my favourite blogs to read are in this list, I’m flattered to be included! I’m glad we internet-met each other 🙂

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