When the Sky Turns Colourful

For my first Wanderful Wednesday link-up post, I wanted to reflect on one of my favourite things : Sunsets.  They are an event that everyone loves to love.

Something that gives you that moment to reflect on the day, and watch in awe as the sky changes colour and then, black.  They look different in different places, at different times, and at different angles.  Not one sunset is ever exactly the same.  And that couldn’t be any truer than here in Chile.

I see lots more sunsets here in Santiago, than in London as the sky is clearer and less cloudy, which brings with it the magical colours of sunset.  I try to watch it most days when I get home from work.  I love to admire that surprise that the sunset brings; the colour of that day, the shape of the clouds and the light it produces.  These are my favourites from the last six months:


After the rain.  A crystal clear sky with every type of cloud and the orange of the sunset just creeping in.DSC_0005The cotton wool clouds turned orange during this one.DSC05578An irresistible, and most dramatic one in Pupuya, on the beach where we watched our friends get married:
DSC05745DSC05739DSC05734One that lit up the whole sky.  I glanced outside one evening and saw this view so quickly grabbed my camera.  It was one of those that made me say ‘wow’ aloud.
DSC06073Another one after the rain, where the sly was cleared of any smog and the sky gently changed colour creating that ‘golden hour’ feeling.DSC_0006What is better than the combination of snowy mountains and an orange sky? This balcony view was total perfection!DSC05781Even on the most cloudiest of days, the sunset can bring some colour and charm, just like this one did.
In Pichilemu, my friends and I watched as the sky turned the reddest of reds in such a dramatic fashion.
DSC05863DSC05853This really was one of my favourites.  I took this on my phone after dropping my friend off at the airport, it was the most incredible red colour and loomed below dark, black clouds.  It was amazing to drive through it.photoPink

The sky turned a beautiful pinky, purple one evening just after arriving in Chile.  I stopped my bike to admire this one as it lit up those tiny clouds and illuminated the whole sky.IMG_0618A subtle pink colour that was beautiful all the same.  I saw this one from a bus window as I stuck my face to it to see better.IMG_2227Yellow

I have no idea where or when this was taken during these six months but it was unusually unique yellow contrasting against the still blue sky. 
DSC04670In Pupuya, before the sky turned red, it was this shade of yellow.  This view was so peaceful and calming, especially against the beach backdrop and the sound of the waves.
Where have you seen beautiful sunsets, and which colours do you love the most?

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Marcella xx

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35 thoughts on “When the Sky Turns Colourful

  1. Such wonderful photos! I love how you use colour in your photos and descriptions. I find the red skies to be the most dramatic of all. Thanks for hosting #wanderfulwednesdays

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  3. I love sunsets, especially pink/purple! London doesn’t have the best weather (as you know!), but I always see really good sunsets from my window at this time of year 🙂 x

  4. Goodness, these sunsets are amazing! The most beautiful sunsets I ever saw have always been near bodies of water. Whether it was when I was watching a sunset from the beach in the Caribbean or the lakes of Maine or the Potomac River in D.C. – I feel like sunsets and water compliment each other so well to create a stunning view 🙂

  5. Watching sunsets is one of my favorite things to do, especially when I’m somewhere new. There’s just something so magical about them, and the crazy thought that there are never two that are the exact same!

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