Dear Earth

A little while ago, it was Earth Day which got me thinking about all of the natural and varied types of beauty we have on this planet.  I mean, there really is so much beauty dotted across the world.  Beauty of every type and every taste.  And of course, the best way to remember, appreciate and re-live that beauty is to browse through old travel photos.

Here, is why I love the earth…

Fluffy clouds  :: Otres, CambodiaDSC_0231Autumn berries ::  London, EnglandDSC04016Waterfalls :: Angel Falls, VenezuelaDSCF4443Snowy mountains :: El Chalten, ArgentinaEl Calafate and El Chalten 113Salt flats :: Uyuni, BoliviaDSC05069Lush green landscapes :: The Peak District, EnglandDSC01973Lagoons ::  San Pedro, ChileDSCF3622Water :: Paris, FranceDSC02198Blue skies :: Dhulikhel, NepalDSC_0458Crystal clear waters :: St. Ives, EnglandDSC03512 Glaciers :: El Calafate, Argentina DSCF3088Colourful, sweet flowers ::  London, EnglandDSC_0035Spring blossoms ::  Regents Park, EnglandDSC03331Soft sand ::  Florianópolis, BrazilDSCF1590Icy mountain tops :: Carnedd Dafydd, WalesDSC03169Autumn leaves :: London, EnglandDSC04023Sunsets :: Isla del Sol, BoliviaDSCF3750Desert :: San Pedro, Chilesan-pedro-6Species :: Vilches, ChileDSC_0090Valley Views :: Inca Trail, PeruDSCF3865‘Look closer’ moments :: London, EnglandDSC01746Untouched snow :: Argentina/ Chile borderDSC_0394Oceans :: Pupuya, ChileDSC05692

Which natural beauty are you thankful for?

Marcella xx

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21 thoughts on “Dear Earth

  1. I’d have to say, beautiful sunrises and sunsets coloring the sky in pastel hues; pristine beaches with crystal clear waters of all shades of blue; bottomless lagoons tucked away in lush jungles; serene bamboo forests of Japan and the place I absolutely want to travel to one day – Monument Valley in USA.

  2. It always amazes me just how many places you’ve been! I love all of your posts like this too! Your pictures are just stunning!! Recently I’ve been getting so much more into natural beauty and am so happy that we have so much of it around us here in Santiago! Like you.. lately I’ve been pretty obsessed with mountains, so I guess I’d have to say I’m especially thankful for them 😀

  3. I can’t tell you what natural beauty I like the most because, to be honest, I enjoy too many. The thing is that when you thing you have seen it all, nature has the power to completely surprise you. I will never get tired of admiring nature.

  4. Gorgeous photos! I’ve always been drawn to the ocean but there so many places I’d love to see to appreciate nature’s beauty. The glaciers look amazing and I would love to see the salt flats one day. Great post! #MondayEscapes

  5. This is such a creative post. I love how you put so much natural beauty together in one post. I never would have thought to do that, but it works so well! This is such a great post for Earth Day! Love your pictures! 🙂

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