I Have This Thing With Mountains

Some of my favourite Instagram hashtags are the#Ihavethisthingwithwalls, #Ihavethisthingwithdoors and#Ihavethisthingwithtiles ones!  They are so colourful and fun!

But now, my life can be summed up as#Ihavethisthingwithmountains and it might actually be becoming an obsession.  I could stare at them for hours, photograph them all day and seek out different views of them over, and over.DSC03145I never thought much about mountains, until I went to Nepal when I was 19. There, was when my love of mountains began.  DSC_0442DSC_0460It was when I saw mountains from the roof of the home stay we were at.  I remember one day when we got home from our day volunteering, and hearing shouts from the roof that we had to come quickly.  The reason being that the mountains were on show that day.  In the distance, beyond the flat, green were the mountains.DSC_0650

Then, my love of mountains was cemented in South America when I was 21.  I got to see mountains in different countries; in nature and in the middle of the cities too. And I got to climb them and really see how beautiful they are.

Atacama Desert, ChileDSCF3464El Chalten, ArgentinaEl Calafate and El Chalten 113El Calafate, ArgentinaDSCF3028

Then of course, at 22, I moved to Chile for a year and took advantage of climbing the mountains of Santiago at the weekend.  I remember thinking how it’s such a novelty to be able to hop on a short bus or metro and be at the foot of mountains, ready to climb.P1030762DSC_0181IMG_7742

Back in the UK between ages 22-27, I got to see some mountains when on holiday and took advantage of climbing them too.

Carnedd Dafydd, WalesDSC03194Lausanne, SwitzerlandDSC02027The Peak District, EnglandDSC01962Now, at age 27 and back in Santiago again, the obsession has become a full-blown one that has been made worse better by the fact that our flat looks onto the mountains, and the fact that they look different everyday. DSC05779 photo DSC05759 DSC05456This Saturday, I woke up and looked outside to check them out.  I do this every day from our balcony, as each day the sky and the landscape really does look different. Then, I saw this view.  It was the clearest mountain view we had seen yet, since moving into our flat in February.  You see, after rain the smog of Santiago clears and means you get to see this…DSC05791 DSC05798 DSC05799

So, I text Clem and we headed to Cerro Santia Lucia, a hill in the middle of Santiago, so we could get a better look at them.  That, we did and they were glowing.  At one point, they even dazzled us as the sun shone onto the pure white snow of them.  It was a moment of awe.  I mean, not many cities have mountains this beautiful, do they?DSC05808 DSC05813 DSC05824

What’s your obsession and how do you fuel it?

Have a great week ahead, I have a week long holiday from work and so the beach and of course my favourite city, Valparaíso, are calling me 🙂  There will be lots of photos to come, as always.  Have a lovely one!

Marcella xx

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41 thoughts on “I Have This Thing With Mountains

  1. I love this! Beautiful pictures as well. Personally I love adventuring as well. I just talked about a cool nature walk I was able to take earlier today. Hope you can check it out on my blog!

  2. Gorgeous images! I love waking up to see the ocean here in Valpo, but am excited to be in Santiago where we can escape to the mountains more often. This skinny country is great for going from mountains to city to coast, isn’t it?

  3. Ok, I think I might use that hashtag from now on 🙂 I am crazy in love with mountains as well, when we are traveling I absolutely need one “mountain day” (or a hiking day when there are no mountains around).
    El Chalten is definitely my favorite shot, very intimidating. Can’t wait to make it there myself.

  4. I am with you, on the obsession with mountains! I think for me it is mountains and cities. Of course, lately I have gotten into bird photography, which is almost an obsession! I also loved the mountains of Nepal. My wife and I hiked up to Poon Hill several years ago! Beautiful!! Keep posting great posts!

  5. Stupendous! The clouds almost touching the snow-capped peaks of the mountains…wish I’m staying in a flat with that view hahah.. Thanks for sharing, such lovely photos 🙂 #MondayEscapes

  6. Agreed, fantastic photos! The town where I went to university, Stellenbosch in South Africa, is surrounded by mountains, and they came to mean so much to me. You get to know them like people, what they look like in certain light and at certain times of day, which ones look best under snow, which turn the deepest blue at night. Lovely post.

  7. So pretty, views you shared are stunning! It might sound totally insane but I think mountains are so empowering, as if they fill you up with energy and strength. I personally have this thing with chandeliers and all sorts of light fixtures. Priper lighting can transform space in such a special way and I love discovering new designs everywhere I go. 🙂 xoxo, nano

  8. Beautiful photos. I like mountains too, how can you not when you see cities like Santiago with that stunning backdrop! I haven’t been to South America but it’s definitely on mylist #MondayEscapes

  9. What a gorgeous selection of photos, as always! I’m more of a beach person but I appreciate the mountains too. During childhood visits to China, I climbed so many of the local mountains, including one of the most famous mountains in China. I remember it was really gorgeous…. I only wish we had better photography then to capture the views and the scenery!

    And can’t wait to see more pics from Valpo! You can never get enough!

  10. OMG, what an explosion of stunning pictures!!! WOW, amazing as always!
    I also love those # with #Ihaveathingwith… haha such a great idea, and I love to look at them for photos inspiration 😀
    Great post!! 😀
    Happy to have you on #MondayEscapes once again!

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  12. Marcellla I sooooo feel you on the “thing with mountains.” Living in Santiago, how could you not have a thing with mountains?! I seriously worry about myself sometimes because I could just stand on my balcony and stare ALL DAY.! I’m actually in the middle of writing a post about Santiago’s mountains right now! Can’t wait for our hike this weekend! Let’s get some good ol’ mountain time! 😀

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