After the Rain Has Gone

Coming from the UK, rain definitely isn’t a special event!  However, as it only rains a few times a year (less than 20), here in Santiago, it really is a special event.

On Wednesday, as the end of my working day was drawing closer, I heard squeals of delight from the children in my class as they realised it was raining.  And not just raining, there was thunder and lightening too!  It made me laugh, as it’s such a comparison to our reaction at rain in the UK.

Anyway, the reason I don’t mind rain in Santiago is because it clears the smog away and also means there is more snow in the mountains.  So the second I got home, I got to see these views from my balcony.  I grabbed my camera and stared in amazement at how beautiful the views were.DSC05756DSC_0001With clear skies, came even more dramatic sunsets a few hours later.  It really was the most beautiful!DSC_0007DSC05757DSC_0006DSC05759And finally this…DSC_0005

This was the first time I had seen rain since arriving in Chile in the beginning of November.  I started to forget all about what rain felt like!  It actually had rained in January during the night and we woke up to it being the main story on the news as it is so unusual that it rains during the summer.

Have a lovely weekend! ❤

Marcella xx

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34 thoughts on “After the Rain Has Gone

  1. wow! Really gorgeous images! I feel the same way about rain in Singapore- it definitely clears the air a bit plus it is sometimes cooling. Not always, but often enough.

  2. WOW! Gorgeous! I remember the horrible horrible smog in Santiago and how you can barely even see the mountains. I love how you can so clear see the snow capped mountains in the distance. In Southern California, it barely rains as well. And here in Kuala Lumpur, rain is a daily occurrence… the thunder and lightning kind! I kind of like it. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous!! Call me crazy, but these photos remind me a lot of Grenoble…
    Here in Chicago, it’d been raining for a WHOLE WEEK. And today it finally stopped. I’m hoping to be able to bike commute to work soon 🙂

  4. Wow, those views out to the mountains are something else. I never though I’d say this but… it’s a shame it doesn’t rain more! You can have some of our English rain if you like. I can’t believe that sunset, either. It’s so orange! And the way it lights up the mountains! Incredible

  5. Wow, love the snow-capped mountains. Your photos with the snow-capped mountains in the background remind me of Tehran, Iran. It’s an absolute delight to see the mountains behind the buildings 🙂

  6. It really is hysterical to see how people react here to a little rain ….. Straight chaos. My children were screaming and hiding during the storm. I was a little thrown off too, but just because I forgot an umbrella and the storm came out of no where…… Can’t beat the views afterwards though! Finally gets rid of the dreaded smog! 😀

  7. I have to tell you, you have a gorgeous view from your balcony to that mountain 🙂
    Sofia (where I live) is lying at the foot of a mountain, just like Santiago, but I can’t see the mountain from my balcony… when I was reading your other post about mountains, I realized I have never taken a picture of the Sofia mountain, it’s a shame (blush)…
    glad you enjoyed the rain there 🙂 is it warm this time of the year?

    • Thanks, I am obsessed with the view! You should start to take photos of the mountains, I think it becomes a ‘normal’ view, and the camera helps you to see how pretty it is!
      We are in Autumn so the weather is cooling down but it’s not ‘cold’ for a British girl haha! 😀

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