Vitamin SEA in Pupuya

Sometimes, all you need is some vitamin SEA!DSC05701A few months ago, our friends invited us to their wedding.  A wedding on a tiny little beach in Pupuya (a 3hr bus from Santiago).  A place that many people haven’t heard of, and a place that really was spectacular.  Then a few weeks later, two of our friends from the UK booked to come to Chile for two weeks and the two fell on the same weekend.  So, we booked a cabin for the four of us so we could go to the wedding on the Saturday while our friends explored, and we could spend the rest of the time together.

We left Santiago after work on Friday, witnessing one of the most incredible sunsets from the bus and arrived in the village at night.  We used torches to reach our cabin and fell into bed after a long week.  But what is more exciting than waking up and not knowing what the view will be like.  And, even better when it looks like this.DSC05668DSC05669DSC05671DSC05672DSC05677As is typical of the coast, the sky was full of clouds but within an hour of us waking up, the sky couldn’t have been any more beautiful.  Just look at it, and there wasn’t anybody in sight.  It really was the perfection definition of getting a really good dose of Vitamin SEA 😉    DSC05678 DSC05681 DSC05682 DSC05689 DSC05691 DSC05692 DSC05693 DSC05694 DSC05695 DSC05696DSC05714DSC05719

And to top of a day of beauty, during the wedding reception we were lucky to see this sunset.  I really can’t get enough of sunsets in Chile, they are seriously beautiful, dramatic, colourful and I have way to many photos of them on both my camera and my phone.  Sunsets in Chile really never need a filter!DSC05734 DSC05737 DSC05739 DSC05740 DSC05742 DSC05744 DSC05747And with that, we already thinking about when we can next visit!

Where have you recently taken some Vitamin SEA?

Marcella xx

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29 thoughts on “Vitamin SEA in Pupuya

  1. Such blue skies! I bet your UK friends were very thankful for sunny skies and great weather by the beach 🙂 I love the sunsets, very dramatic.

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  3. No where 😦 Though the weather is getting better in Slovenia, so we might go soon. At least for a day trip. No where near as special as Pupuya but as long as I can see the sea, it is great 🙂

  4. Oh my WOW!!! You’re right about those Chilean sunsets, dang! I love that picture of you on the dock, it’s wonderful. So true, too, about waking up and finding such an incredible view. I’m way overdue for some vitamin sea, but will be on the Portuguese coast in about 5 weeks! 🙂 Thanks for linking up with us!

  5. This beach looks amazing! I love the dark color of the sand. It reminds me a lot of a place featured on a food show (not sure if it is Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern). I am going to look to see if I find the place where the episode was filmed.

  6. OMG Marcella, this sunset is stunning!! Chile has so many beautiful places to explore, especially little islands. What an amazing scenario to get married.
    I really need some vitamins SEA, last time was in January in Egypt. Next week by now I will be in Greece, so I will get some more 😀

    Happy to have you on #MondayEscapes once again!

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