A City Oasis in Santiago

What long weekend is complete without mountains, sun, a picnic and friends? And sometimes it feels like you have to travel far away for those things.  But, would you believe me if I told you that this photo was taken in Santiago?DSC05595

And this too…DSC05647

They really were!

Santuario de la Natureleza el Arrayán is somewhere we discovered by chance. Months ago, when I went to have my wedding hair trial we saw a sign for it, and finally we took advantage of the long weekend and went along yesterday.  It is technically in Santiago, just on the edge and doesn’t take long to drive there at all. But, it feels like you are miles away from the city.

There are no sounds of cars, just trickling water and the sounds of crickets.  The views are spectacular, the water is fresh and you get to fit in some walking too.DSC05592 DSC05602 DSC05603 DSC05607DSC05616 DSC05617 DSC05623DSC05629 DSC05624 DSC05626 DSC05628DSC05630 DSC05634DSC05645

Despite the hot temperatures, and pure blue skies there were also the first signs of autumn to be seen.  Though I think we still have a while to enjoy the summer like sun 🙂DSC05599DSC05614

And when you are done, you wish goodbye to the tranqulity and bundle into the car only to be home in around 40 minutes.  What a beautiful slice of nature!

How have you spent your long weekend?

Marcella xx

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34 thoughts on “A City Oasis in Santiago

  1. Beautiful spot to get away and enjoy nature! I spent the weekend by traveling 5 hours to spend time with my wife’s sister’s and brother-in-law. Stopped on the way and had some tasty muffins, and coffee at our son’s place. I arrived at our destination with spring time allergy having kicked in full bore! 😦 My sister-in-law found some allergy tablets. I took a 24 hour tablet, and was soon made aware of the fact, that I should always take the no-drowsy kind! I was like in nana land all day Saturday. I am somewhat better better this morning, hoping to enjoy a nice breakfast at church followed by an Easter program! That is how I spent my weekend! 🙂 tc

  2. What a surprise! It looks like an oasis in the middle of nowhere. So great to see cacti in the area. I have been obsessed with them lately.

  3. Wow! This place looks soooo beautiful! And I can’t believe it’s in Santiago!! What an incredible lucky find! I love the picture of the cactus and the berries! I want to pluck them right off the screen and pop them into my mouth!

  4. This place is absolutely beautiful!! I know what you mean about getting away–when I was in Austin, I’d always drive the hour or so to the beautiful rolling hills of Hill Country. It’s surprising how short a distance you need to feel like you’re “getting away from it all.”

  5. It’s amazing how many stunning spots you can discover within your own city. Loved the photos, as always! We had friends visiting and went out and about exploring Tokyo with them. So much to write about, I should get back at it soon! xoxo, nano

  6. That looks absolutely beautiful. So tranquil. For some reason I’ve been finding myself really craving a nice long walk in the countryside recently, and I’m not at all one for big walks. So this looks right up my alley! And so great that it’s so close to you. If only it were close to me!

  7. I feel like a lot of major cities have these kind of hidden nature spots really close to, or even inside of, the city! But they can be hard to find, and it’s awesome that you found this one! Earth is still around us, even when we’ve covered it with human stuff. 🙂 Thanks for linking up, Marcella!

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