Happiness is…

Today is International Happiness Day, so what better way to mark the day than to remind yourself of what happiness means to you.

Happiness is…

YogaDSC_0108Vegetarian cookingDSC02862FamilyMatrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0693 copy WalkingDSC03145ExploringDSC_0175PhotographyDSC02558City lifeDSC04576SunsetsDSCF3749Adult colouring booksDSC03790FriendsMatrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0670Indian foodDSC03721SunshineDSC03941CarlosMatrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0589Travelsan-pedro-6Sundays in Brick LaneDSC03230MountainsDSCF3460…. and climbing in them       El Calafate and El Chalten 140ColoursDSC04759Finding street artDSC03595Hot chocolate on cold daysDSC04066Flower gardensDSC03999

What is happiness to you?

Wishing you a Happy Sunday, and an even happier week ahead ❤

Marcella xx

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23 thoughts on “Happiness is…

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  3. lovely! travel, sunny days, my cat, chocolate, baking, walking, swimming, dancing, reading a good book, laughter with friends, board games, London, my hubby:) those are my happy things:)

  4. Such great list of happy things, many of which make me happy as well. Also, I’ve been hearing alot about this adult coloring books (your coloring is awesome!). Looks like something I should definitely check out.

  5. aww, this is such a great post, Marcella, love it.. ♥ I agree with every item in this list 🙂 in love with the photos too… but now I need to find me some hot chocolate on a cold day 🙂

  6. I love when you do these kind of posts! 🙂 This one did make me happy! For me, it’s eating good food, ice cream, chocolate (and hot chocolate), meeting new friends, exploring, and drawing! Where is the picture under Walking from? It’s gorgeous!

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