Trees Around the World

Trees :  They tell us about the climate, the time of year and the landscape.  They provide shade from the sun and shelter from the wind.  They fill views with colours and shapes.  They can be found almost everywhere…

Look beyond the trees to see the glacier in El Calafate, ArgentinaDSCF3108

Blossoming trees in London, EnglandDSC00882

Thin palm trees in Arizona, USAIMG_1364

Bare trees in Greenwich, London, EnglandDSC_0066.JPG

Tree surrounded waterfalls, Igazu Falls, BrazilDSCF2419

Trunks aligned in Shropshire, EnglandDSCF3479.JPG

Lush green with mountain views Dhulikhel, NepalDSC_0346

Snow coated trees in Surrey, EnglandDSCF0299

Tree surrounded beauty in Lausanne, SwitzerlandDSC02027

Signs of growth in London, EnglandDSC03300

Sunset behind the trees in Cartagena de Indias, ColombiaDSC05395

Houses between the trees in Marseille, FranceDSC_0111

Close up details in London, EnglandDSC_0278

The famous tree in CambodiaDSC_0269

City through the trees in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaDSCF2640

Trees in the water in Parque Nacional Canaima, VenezuelaDSCF4383

Wispy braches in London, EnglandDSCF0025

The tree where Buddha found enlightenment in Bodh Gaya, IndiaDSC_1197

First signs of Autumn in Warwick, EnglandDSC_0132

A lizard seeking shade on a tree in Vilches, ChileDSC_0090

High and mighty in Berlin, GermanyDSC01006

Decorated trees in London, EnglandDSC00103

Tree street art in Valparaiso, ChileP1030853

Tree reflections in Mendoza, ArgentinaDSC_0309

Tree covered wall in Stratford-upon-Avon, EnglandDSC_0902

Palm tree in Isla Tierra Bomba, ColombiaDSC04790

Autumn colours in Kent, England      photo 2                   

What do you think of when you think of trees?

Have a great weekend!!

Marcella xx

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16 thoughts on “Trees Around the World

  1. What a great topic. I grew up in a house with a big backyard full of trees. I miss that setting a lot. Today, I was looking at some photos (travel research) and I remember thinking “I want to be surrounded by trees more often.” I am working on that small resolution.

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