My Greatest Adventure

When I saw that this month’s TravelLinkUp topic was My Greatest Adventure, I knew exactly what to write about.DSC05069

I had dreamt about South America from the age of 14.  I knew nothing about the continent, until one Geography lesson when we began learning about Brazil, about the cities and about the favelas.  And, from then on, I was hooked.  From that day forward I knew I would go to South America.

Fast forward 7 years later to February 2010 and I finally got there.  I was 21, had finished uni and had saved up to go by working for a few months.  I booked a ticket from London to Rio, with the return for five months later, with not very much planned in between.  And off I set, solo {I then had plans to meet my mum for two weeks, 12 weeks later and a friend after that}

The five months were full to the brim of adventures, and so I have picked 10 (and a bonus one) that really stand out for me.

Travelling solo 

I didn’t choose a small trip to have my first solo travel experience.  It’s true what they say, when you travel solo, you are never really alone.  I met so many people along the way.DSC05128Rio, Brazil :: Couchsurfing at Carnival

I met the kindest people Couchsurfing through my trip and that wasn’t more true than in Rio for carnival.  CS meant that I got to go to all the local parties and street carnivals, I feel like I saw the real carnival.DSCF1262 DSCF1287Buenos Aires, Argentina :: Volunteering with children in Buenos Aires

This was my ‘I want to be a teacher’ moment.DSCF2120El Calafate, Argentina :: Seeing a 19m long glacier

My mum came to Argentina half way through my trip for two weeks, we went to the glacier and it was the most beautiful.DSCF3100 DSCF3025 DSCF3016El Chalten, Argentina :: Hiking in Paragonia

I hadn’t really done much hiking before South America, but when the mountains look like this, who can refuse.  I spent two days trekking all through the day and fell for these mountains.El Calafate and El Chalten 144El Calafate and El Chalten 113Pucon, Chile :: Hiking up a live volcano

This was a really tough climb, I felt like I was going upright and you get to see lava at the top – the heat is unreal.  Then, we slid all the way down on our bums (yes, that really is the way to get down)DSCF3242DSCF3237San Pedro de Atacama, Chile to Uyuni, Bolivia :: Travelling through the world’s driest desert

Landscape that is indescribably beautiful, in a totally different way from mountains.  The colour and the vastness of the colours is stunning.   DSCF3501 DSCF3460DSCF3586DSCF3482DSCF3679Cusco, Peru :: Hiking to Machu Picchu

Physically exhausting, rewarding and exhilirating all at the same time.DSCF3864DSCF4044DSCF4058DSCF4103Manaus, Brazil :: Spending three days in The Amazon

It was only myself and two friends with our guide, we didn’t see anyone else for the whole time we were in The Amazon.DSCF4200DSC05423 DSCF4185Gran Sabana, Venezuela :: Seeing the world’s longest waterfall

We travelled for days to get there, through isolated lands.  And it really was incredible when I look at that stream of water and thought, And perhaps my biggest adventure of all… wow, I’m looking at the longest waterfall in the world!

Bonus Santiago, Chile :: Meeting Carlos

…meeting Carlos (my now husband).  Of course I didn’t realise at the time that almost six years later I’d be sitting next to him on our terrace in Santiago writing this blog post.  Travel really does take you on the most grand adventures!Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0351

What’s your biggest adventure?

Marcella xx

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90 thoughts on “My Greatest Adventure

  1. So beautiful and what an incredible adventure! I’ve only been to Brazil and would love to travel more around South America; these places are all on my bucket list. #MondayEscapes

  2. You have left me speechless. I will classify this as an epic adventure. You really got to a lot of exciting places in the continent (my favorite has to be the glacier, not that is easy to pick). I think my greatest adventure was visiting China for the first time by myself. All my friends thought I was crazy and my mom was freaking out. But, it was lots of fun and not difficult at all.

  3. This is a beautiful post 🙂 Makes me want to go to South America. My greatest adventure was interning at Disney World for 8 months. Not the most exciting thing ever, but an adventure nonetheless. I’ll follow for more great posts! 🙂

  4. Oh wow ! You pictures of Argentina are breathtaking ! The glacier looks so blue !!! I would also love to visit Machu pichu !My biggest adventure was my trip to Galapagos where I also me my fiance 🙂

  5. Wow, the glacier in Argentina looks so amazing! I mean all of your pictures look stunning and make me want to explore more of South America! And then meeting your husband in Chile is so exciting, I actually met my Mexican guy in China, traveling really does take you on your biggest adventures! Visiting from #MondayEscapes.

  6. Brilliant pictures! Reading about all your trekking and hikes reminded me of that trek we had in Cambodia and now I am excited for the start of mine tomorrow. I think my greatest adventure has been living in Korea 😉

  7. YOU’RE MAKING ME SO EXCITED FOR SOUTH AMERICA!!! I keep on realizing that there are so many more spots to visit than the ones I’m currently trying to decide between. And there’s such a variety on that continent! I can’t wait 🙂

  8. Wow, firstly, for choosing a big continent for your solo adventure, and secondly, the amazing pics! You can’t help but wonder…”What A Wonderful World” 😉

  9. Wow! What an adventure and 10 in one. Love the bonus one at the end! 🙂

    It’s amazing to see the contrast between the different parts of South America. Desert, Glaciers everything. Incredible.

    Thanks to the Link Up for introducing me to your blog. Xx

  10. I love this post so much Marcella!!! You were so incredibly brave for going to South American alone at that age. And you did so many amazing things too. I also love how you met Carlos on this trip! Did you ever write about the story of your meeting? Please forgive me if you did and I can’t remember it! But I’d love to know that story!

  11. Wow! It’s so cool to read others posts from South America – I did 8 months travelling there over last few years. Incredible – still haven’t done Venezuela and Brazil though – they seemed too dangerous as a solo traveller, but looks incredible!

  12. You did such cool stuff! What an amazing 5 months you had, and to meet your husband at the end must have been the perfect end (/start?!) of the adventure. I’m just going to go and gaze at your pictures some more now…

  13. YES! I love this so much. Not only did you have incredible experiences (and all on one crazy continent!), but you even made everlasting experiences out of one trip (ahem, Carlos)!!! Amazing photos, and I totally understand what you mean about having a fascination with a place before you ever get there. I’m so glad your expectations were met and even exceeded! Thanks for linking up this wonderful life of yours with Travel Tuesday!

  14. Aw this is so great! South America is the best place to have an adventure like this. So colourful and varied and for us, it was so different that what we were used to at the time. We went on an overland trip from Buenos Aires to Lima. It was before I blogged but I should write about it some day soon – your post brought back a lot of beautiful memories.

  15. This is lovely! I’m just getting involved with Linkup and think it’s great so far. Your post is beautiful! I am also traveling parts of South America later this year (which I mention in my post) and will be solo traveling so your tips are all the more useful!

  16. Spectacular photos especially of the glacier! I’ve spent time in Chile, but not Peru and Argentina..on the very top of my bucket list. I can see how it’s your greatest adventure:).

  17. What amazing pictures, and a surprise ending to the adventure! I lived in Chile for three years and have been back to Argentina many time since and I havn’t seen half the places that you went to in five months. Well done!

  18. What a wonderful post and so many beautiful adventures! I must say I was particularly astounded by the beauty of the glacier you showed us. Machu Picchu is a long time dream of mine, hope I will be able to make it there one day. 🙂 xoxo, nano

  19. I just got goosebumps reading this post! First of all you’ve already done so many things that are on my bucket list for South America!! Not sure if I’ll be able to fit them all in, but this seriously just confirmed that they’re all things I have to get to one day! And that last part about Carlos …….. straight chills. Can’t wait to meet him!! 😀

  20. Amazing adventure – so lovely to re-live it with you again. El Calafate, Argentina – just wow. And Bolivia. I’ve only been to Peru, so I think I need to explore more of this wonderful country. Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  21. this is one of the most inspirational posts I’ve read in a while… especially given that I spent the past four months not going even out of the neighbourhood, just stuck working in front of a computer… there is so much more to life…
    some of the images and places you have visited in South America are simply mind-blowing… ♥

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  23. I never thought too much about traveling South America (except for Chile and Argentinia), then I watched Disney’s Up and knew I had to make it there 🙂
    Loved the Pictures, Marcella. However, my favorite part of your travel story is the end, where you write about meeting Carlos and now being married. That is so sweet! I wish you lots of luck on your future adventures together!!

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