Walking Above the City

Today, we walked above the city.DSC05485

On my penultimate day of my summer holiday, before starting my new job, we headed off to a bit of the countryside in the city.  Cerro San Cristóbal (St. Cristóbal hill) is the biggest hill in the middle of Santiago.  You see it from all over the city!

You can get to the top by using the funicular, by biking or running up (which is very popular, even on the very hottest of days), or by walking.  You can either walk along the main road which winds up the hill, or take one of the trails that go through forest like terrain.  We chose the trail.DSC05470

For the whole hour and 15mins that it took us to climb to the top, we only saw one other person!  So, it definitely wasn’t the most popular choice, but we loved it!  Apart from the hum of traffic below, you wouldn’t know you were in the city.  The trees also provide shade for the whole way up, unlike the road which is very sunny and it’s still really hot here in Santiago!DSC05477DSC05481

Through the trees, you catch amazing glimpses of Santiago spreading out for miles to see,  it really was an incredible view!  Although, just like all views in Santiago, you do see that line of smog.  It’s not that Santiago is really heavily congested with cars anymore than other capital cities are. But, Santiago is in a basin so the pollution has nowhere to escape due to the mountains so the pollution hangs out there.  It actually looks worse in the photos than it did on the day.  So trust me when I say that the view really was wonderful, I really enjoyed seeing it from up there on the hill!  The huge tower is Latin America’s highest point, which I showed you the view from here.DSC05471DSC05473DSC05474DSC05483

Once reaching the top, you can views that go on, and on… and on.DSC05487DSC05488DSC05492DSC05493DSC05497DSC05494DSC05500DSC05495DSC05499

On the way back down we took the road, rather than the trail as we wanted to see the Japanese Garden.  Before reaching that, we stumbled across this beautiful looking building framed with bright pink flowers. We couldn’t quite figure out what it was, but it was pretty all the same.DSC05501DSC05502DSC05503DSC05504DSC05505DSC05506DSC05507

And the final stop, the Japanese Gardens were all that I hoped for.  I love Japanese Gardens, and they were really lovely – lush green and peaceful, with a backdrop of the city too.                     DSC05511 DSC05512 DSC05513 DSC05514 DSC05516 DSC05517 DSC05518 DSC05519 DSC05520 DSC05521

The walk up Cerro San Cristóbal is a great way to spend the day or a few hours in Santiago.  You can of course take the funicular and zoom up to the top at a much quicker pace!

Where have you seen great views?

Marcella xx

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20 thoughts on “Walking Above the City

  1. I think I went up Cerro San Cristobal when I was much younger and I don’t remember it looking like that haha it looks really pretty! And I love Japanese gardens – I mean cherry blossoms are the most beautiful things ever!xx

    • Ah cool! I bet it has changed a lot and actually if you take the funicular up and down you don’t get to see all these parts, so I’m glad we took the hike. Totally agree about the Japanese gardens, they are always so lovely 🙂 And yes to cherry blossoms! xx

  2. Ooh I missed this post and saw it as I’m checking for new updates. I really enjoyed this hike too when I was there! I remember it was a really hot day too. I think we probably took the really long way around. We hardly saw anyone on the trail either. But I was so mad because we had taken a lot of pictures on our camera (including pictures where we set up the small tripod so we can both be in it)… and then that night the camera got pickpocketed! I had no idea that there was the japanese gardens next to it though. It looks so peaceful.

    • Ahh no about the pickpocketing!! That’s such a shame, especially as you got photos of the both of you, which can often be quite rare! The hill has so many lesser known parts, like the Japanese Gardens, so it’s great to explore and get to know different parts 🙂

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