Ready for ‘Real Life’ in Santiago

Since arriving in Chile in November, it has been a whirlwind of craziness!  In three months we have managed to fit in moving country, job hunting and interviews, preparing for our wedding including lots of DIY, hosting our wedding guests from all over the world, Getting married, Christmas, New Year, a honeymoon in Colombia, applying for my visa (and other paper work) and flat hunting. Phew!

February has marked the month where we are ready to enter the real world and begin ‘real life’ in Chile. So here is what has been happening:

Moving ~ The biggest change of all is that last week we moved into our new flat. Since being in Chile we have been living with Carlos’ family just outside of Santiago. We have a lovely two bed, two bath flat very close to my job (10 mins walk – yay!) We really like the area that It’s in too, and the mountain view! And of course, what comes with moving is the next one on the list…DSC05457DSC05456DSC05452Organising ~ We are very lucky that our flat has lots of storage – actually too much for the amount of things we own! So I set about organising everything on our first few days here. Including a colour sorted bookshelf.DSC05445Creating ~ Just before we moved, my sister-in-law found some old window frames abandoned on the street so she put them in her car and we set about thinking of some projects for them. I consulted trusty Pinterest and found some tables made with old windows. Carlos and I set to work : I cleaned, sanded down and painted the window frame while Carlos sawed and drilled and we replaced the windows with new glass and secured the panes with sealant, and we are so pleased with the result!IMG_1707DSC05450It’s a coffee table that also doubles up as a display. We chose to display some items that reflect important places and parts of our lives. A illustrated book about Birmingham as this was the first city we lived in together, A Nepal photograph book as it’s the first place I travelled alone, a elephant that I bought in India, A compass that I bought Carlos, a portrait book of photography from around the world as photography is one of my favourite things, a book about Valparaíso as it was the present Carlos gave me when I moved back to the UK after Chile in 2011 and lastly a mummy that we were given as a wedding present from Carlos’ cousin. It’s a typical symbol from the North of Chile, where Carlos spent some of his childhood.DSC05449DSC05466Walking ~ What better way to explore your new area that by foot? We have been walking in every direction. I really like how green our area is and how many small plazas and parks there are with trees to take a break from the sun!DSC05444DSC05438DSC05437
Yoga-ing ~ Just next to our flat is a plaza which has yoga classes three times a week. One of the first things I wanted to do when moving was to find a new yoga class. In London I went to 2-3 classes a week and I was desperately missing the classes. I’ve been to three classes already, and I love it. There’s also something so peaceful about yoga outdoors!DSC05440Speaking {Spanish} ~ We have been catching up with lots of friends who we hadn’t seen since our wedding, which has meant a lot of Spanish. And It’s getting easier and easier, but slowly… so slowly!

Preparing ~ In 8 days I start my brand new job! I am a primary school teacher and I have found a job here teaching year 1 (ages 5-6). I’m excited to start as I feel that working is the very best way to get into ‘real life’ and it means I’ll be able to meet lots of new people! I’m excited that the vast vast majority of my colleagues are Chilean so I’ll have lots of Spanish practise plus it’s a great way to get to know the Chilean culture more!   DSC05434

What’s been happening with you?

Marcella xx

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26 thoughts on “Ready for ‘Real Life’ in Santiago

  1. I’m super excited for you – I love that feeling of moving to a new (to you) city and starting fresh!! There is nothing more invigorating. Also love what you did with those old window panes… very creative. Is the yoga class in Spanish or English? I lived literally four doors down from a yoga studio for over a year… now they’ve moved a whole 5 min walk away (haha) but I do my yoga at home nowadays 🙂 Was fun though! (definitely never been offered to go grab a beer before right after yoga… oh, Czech Republic)

  2. Can I move to Chile now?? LOL! I love being surrounded by greenery, so to read about parks close to your home sounds picture perfect. Love your table – ingenious way to transform something old to new. Good luck with your teaching job!

    • Yes to greenery, especially in the middle of a capital city! It’s one of the things I really love about London so It’s great that Santiago has green areas too 🙂
      Thanks – we are so pleased with the table, and I hope to change the items inside every now and then. Thank you for the good luck too.

  3. I have so many things to say…
    1. Love your dress in the first pictures!
    2. The 501 Spanish Verbs book jumped out at me because my dad has had that book on his bookshelf since I was a baby!
    3. Yay for a new teaching job! Will you be teaching in English or Spanish?

  4. Feels like you are settling in. So wonderful! Love the coffee table and your amazing view!! Hope Spanish gets easier, I am starting Slovenian lessons in 2 weeks!! As long as I don’t end up crying in the end, I will call it a success lol!

  5. Can’t wait to come explore with you!!! Your flat looks amazing! That view! And that coffee table!! It’s beautiful. I wish I could be as crafty as you! I’m nervous for Chilean Spanish. I’ve heard it’s so so different.. really going to be a wake up call I think! I’ve also been interested in trying out Yoga … so maybe we can chat about that soon 😀 Seems like you have so many amazing and exciting things going on! Great way to start a new year

    • Thanks so much Lauren!! 😀 I only learnt my Spanish from listening in Chile, so for me it’s normal. Buuuut, people say it’s so so different from Spanish from Spain but I am sure you will adjust quickly. They say that if you can speak Chilean Spanish than you can speak any Spanish because it’s the worst in the world, hahha! But you are fluent in Spanish, right?
      Yes for yoga, I couldn’t be without it!

  6. I love to read snippets about people moving abroad. Moving to London in a year just because (aka scary!!) and so it’s great to see people getting settled into their new homes. Looks like you guys are well on your way 🙂 Love your display table – can’t go wrong with a DIY! Best of luck with all the planning and new beginnings!

  7. Oh those photos – it’s making me want to jump on a plane to head to Chile right away! Best of luck with the start of your work and everything!! 🙂 And that coffee table is amazing – you guys are so handy!

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