Falling in Love With Colour

When I saw that this month’s Travel Linkup theme was LOVE, my mind starting whirring straight away with thought of hearts, flowers,  the colour red and romance.

And then suddenly, I got it!  One of the things that really makes me love a city is colour!  Colour is happy, colour is bright and colour is always, always interesting.  Colour might come from the houses, the colour of the sea, from street art or from people’s clothes.

So, for today’s theme, I thought I would gather words and photographs about cities that I fell in love with because of the colour!

Valparíso, Chile

Where better to start than a city that I live very close to.  This is a city which I’ve mentioned so many times on the blog, because it’s amazing!  The colour in Valparaíso mainly comes in the form of beautiful street art, in fact the streets are lined with art and colour is to be seen in every direction!DSC04445 DSC04452 DSC04457 DSC04463 DSC04437 DSC04425 DSC04419 DSC04405

Jaipur, India

India screams colour to me from the brightly coloured clothes, to the glittering bracelets to prayer flags.  But for me, the city that I think of most when I think of colour is that of Jaipur.  Jaipur is known as The Pink City as it was painted pink many years ago to celebrate the arrival of King Edward and Queen Victoria, so much of the city still remained pink.  I don’t think of pink when I think of Jaipur, but I think of bright and fresh colours.DSC_0015 2 DSC_0047 2 DSC_0048.JPG DSC_0051 2 DSC_0068 2 DSC_0098 2 DSC_0104.JPG DSC_0118

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When I think of my time in Rio back in 2010, I think of colour.  I was lucky enough to be in Rio during carnival so the streets are awash with colour. Costumes are made in every colour you can imagine, streets are decorated and painted with colour, flags of all colours fly in the air and of course, the samba shows parade the most colours you can imagine.
DSCF1287 DSCF1262 DSCF1232 DSCF1182 DSCF1178 DSCF1177 DSCF1160 DSCF1145

Shoreditch, London, UK

Shoreditch is my favourite place to spend a Sunday in London, and is definitely one of the places I miss most from my hometown!  Similarly to Valparaiso, Shoreditch brims with colour from street art and murals that hide around every corner.DSC03245 DSC03244 DSC03243 DSC03236 DSC03230 DSC03224 DSC03220 DSC03226

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

And lastly, I wanted to finish with my most recent destination.  The wonderful city of Cartagena de Indias which lies on the Caribbean coast.  We have just returned from our honeymoon there where we spent our days wandering the streets admiring all of the colours.  Cartagena is just so special because the houses ooze with colour and charm.DSC05108DSC05194DSC05027 DSC04779 DSC04759 DSC04733 DSC04728 DSC04725 DSC05031

Colour really adds to a city and creates the most wonderful atmosphere of vibrancy, charm and cheerfulness.

What makes you really love a city?  And, which colourful cities have you visited?

Marcella xx

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67 thoughts on “Falling in Love With Colour

  1. SO MANY COLOURS! And what gorgeous, bright photos you have of all the places you’ve visited. The street art definitely livens a place up doesn’t it? I love the street art in Melbourne and in Newtown, Sydney when I lived in Australia. It added a splash of colour to what would’ve been probably a boring wall!

  2. I’m usually after beautiful architecture when visiting a city! I find Santorini very colorful (starting from a destination near me). As for other cities I would say that NYC Chinatown is very colorful as is Greenwich village and SoHo (mostly from the stores, flowers etc and not so much the buildings).

  3. Wow! That’s really woken up my retinas! I have to say carnival looks totally insane, but the parade looks like so much fun. I’d most like to visit Cartagena de Indias, because those houses with all the plants are gorgeous!

  4. This post, with its vibrant colors, really brightened up a gray winter day in NYC for me! I especially loved your photos of street art! I too adore Shoreditch, and your pictures of Valparíso make me sure I would love that city as well!

  5. Marcella, we are on the same boat. I love colorful cities too. I think one of my main goals is to visit cities with historic, colorful centers. I have been to Puebla, Oaxaca, Panama’s Casco Antiguo, San Juan and other small towns famous because of their saturated hues. From the cities you present in here, I have being to Rio de Janeiro. I still have a lot of super colorful places to visit!

  6. Wow you’ve been to a few similar places to me! Love the memories of Colombia and Chile that your photos bring back to me! India looks incredible, haven’t quite had the guts to go there yet! For me I think Argentina was super colourful too, actually even as you pass through each country in Africa and South America I loved noticing the colours and plants/landscapes change. Great topic!

  7. What incredible colours, and such beautiful photos – I love all the bright shades and you’re right, it’s something which makes me love a city too. Or even just an area like Bo Kaap in Cape Town. Cartagena looks stunning. #mondayescapes

  8. Hi Marcella! I found your blog through the link up! Your colorful photos made me so happy on this gray winter morning I am having here in the US. India is on my bucket list, and your photos have my dying to go even more. I lived in Hawaii for two years and what I loved most about it was how green it was all year long .The mountains in every shade of green, combined with the blue/turquoise waters that always seemed to be changing, and the gorgeous sunsets of every single color combined to make Hawaii an ever-changing canvas. I loved it so much. Now that I am living someplace a little more dull, I really appreciate colors and how they tell the story of a place, how they set the tone for the culture. Beautiful post!

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I know what you mean as the UK is often so grey too! I now find myself admiring colours more here in Santiago de Chile because it’s so much brighter. And wow, I can only imagine that the colours in Hawaii are amazing, it must have been a fantastic place to live! 🙂

  9. Valparaíso!! I will never get bored of looking at the beautiful street and pictures from Valpo. All your pictures from Jaipur are just conforming that I need to make it to India ASAP. As always, gorgeous pics 😉 xx

  10. Glad to see Shoreditch made your list, when I saw your first pictures I wondered if it would. I hoped India would be there too – I don’t think I’ve been to a more colourful place, and it’s a place you really have to experience! #mondayescapes

  11. This post is amazing!! I’m in love with it and all its pictures. Such a great idea!
    The most colourful city I’ve visited so far was Copenhagen, I looove all the colours of the buildings and can never get tired of them! I hope to visit Cartagena and Val Paraiso one day! 😀
    Thank you for joining #MondayEscapes

  12. Love this post! Color is one of my favorite parts of traveling and makes me so happy every time I go somewhere new! I loved the colors all over Spain, especially the coastal cities. That bright blue sky and never ending sunshine doesn’t hurt! 😀

  13. So much colour!!! I have wanted to visit India for the longest time and your photos has put it straight at the top of my travel wish list again! I adore colour and colourful places and I feel it’s those I’m most drawn to. You’ve captured it all so beautifully here! Where ever I visit, abundance greenery is what I search for and love most. xx

  14. So colourful!! India is one of the most colourful places I’ve ever been and I could not stop taking photos. Brazil was also super colourful – we were there during the World Cup so it was extra bright. I can only imagine how even brighter it would be during carnival 🙂

  15. What a vibrant post! I must say you really inspired me to visit Colombia and Chile now, how colorful!!! To answer your question San Juan definitely stole my heart with its colorful quaint colonial architecture. I even dedicated one whole post just to the photos of the houses. I think you’d love it there! 🙂 xoxo, nano

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