Sunsets of Cartagena | Honeymoon

After showing you all about our DIY wedding last week, today’s post is back to our honeymoon in Colombia.

After a day of wandering around in the most charming city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, there was no better way to see the city change from day to night than to watch the sunset over the Caribbean sea.

There is something really amazing about watching the sun slowly dip down and watch the sky react with it’s flurry of colours.  We watched the sunset on three days of our honeymoon.  It set early at 5.5opm, and it was beautiful to see how each sunset was different.

Sunset One.  The one where the sun dipped into the houses.

We watched this sunset from the terrace of one of the hotels we stayed at.  Even the birds wanted to watch as the burning ball of fire slowly dipped into the houses, and was suddenly gone.

DSC05060 DSC05065 DSC05069DSC05074 DSC05076

Sunset Two.  The one where the sky turned orange.

For the second sunset we got to the beach just in time to see the whole sky turn a bright shade of orange.  Just before the sun sunk into the ocean it became hazy as it was blocked by clouds, but it wasn’t any less beautiful!DSC05135DSC05129 DSC05141 DSC05147DSC05154 DSC05161 DSC05162 DSC05163 DSC05165

Sunset Three.  The one that lit up the whole sky. 

This was my favourite sunset and we saw it on the last night of our honeymoon.  Again, we went to watch it from the beach but this time we got there slightly earlier, and it was worth it because the colours were some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen; the contrast of the blue sky with wispy clouds and the yellow of the sun was a real winner!  This was made even more stunning when a boat passed by just as the sun went.DSC05303 DSC05305DSC05346 DSC05310 DSC05331 DSC05332 DSC05334 DSC05336 DSC05338DSC05345DSC05348 DSC05354 DSC05358 DSC05359 DSC05363 DSC05364 DSC05367 DSC05369 DSC05371Just when we thought we saw the best of the sunset, we realised the best was yet to come as the whole sky turned the most beautiful colour as we walked back into the old city.  It was the perfect way to end our ten days in Cartagena!DSC05384 DSC05395 DSC05404

Next Friday I’ll be showing you Cartagena at night, which is one of the most atmospheric places to be!

Where have you seen amazing sunsets?  I posted some of my favourites from my travels here.

Marcella xx

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26 thoughts on “Sunsets of Cartagena | Honeymoon

  1. Beautiful sunsets! I love sunset vs sunrise and that’s because I find it too much effort to wake up early to see the sun rise 🙂 So far, the best sunset I have seen is on Lombok Island of Indonesia (it’s an island east of Bali). But friends say that sunsets at Boracay Island in the Philippines is the best.

  2. Those sunsets are absolutely UNREAL! Definitely doesn’t look like the Colombia portrayed in Narcos, hahahah! But seriously, I’m dying to go to Colombia and this pushed my urge even more! Looks absolutely stunning!

  3. I love sunsets! And these are to die for!! So beautiful! That last one is my favorite as well! SO many colors 😀 … I really loved Sunsets in Madrid. Even though it’s not a coastal city, the sky was always so dramatic!

  4. Wow those photos are really beautiful! It looks so romantic and it looks like such an amazing honeymoon! I cant really think of a specific sunset right now, I guess that means I need to take the time to watch them more!

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