Our DIY Wedding

I’m so excited to be sharing some wedding photos with you today, eee!

We didn’t intend to have a DIY wedding, it wasn’t what we set out to do.  But we did intend to have a low-key wedding that had a cosy feeling.  We were very very lucky with our venue, which is where all the DIY ideas came from!  My sister-in-law and her husband live on a parcela, which translates as ‘farm’ but it isn’t a working farm, it’s a house with a huge amount of land around it.

We first had the idea of getting married there when their cousin’s son had his Christening party there, so as soon as we got engaged we asked Carlos’ sister if we could use her land to get married in, and luckily she said yes!  So, we used the space to the best of our advantage and started planning.

The trouble was is that we were living in England, so we had to do all of the plans via email :  we booked the catering (a BBQ), the photographers, the lady who did the ceremony and the marquee all via email.  Which meant when we landed in Chile seven weeks before our wedding, we immediately started to plan all of the details.Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0624

The seating

This was a Pinterest idea by Carlos.  We hired thirty hay bales from a local farm, and bough fabric which we then cut and placed on top of each hay bale.Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0160 Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0169

The swing

This was another Pinterest idea.  Carlos made this swing from old wood, and a rope that we bought.  I sanded down and painted the swing, and Carlos put it all together.  This was so fun as we got to see our guests during our ceremony.
Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0351 Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0347Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0350


As we are from different countries, we love travel and we had wedding guests from all over the world, we wanted to incorporate that into our theme.  My mum, Carlos and I made heart garlands from my parents old maps that they no longer use, and hung them between the trees where we had the ceremony.Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0005Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0133

We also made a sign post with all the cities that people were travelling from, and showing people the main parts of the wedding.  These were made from old bits of wood that we then cut, sanded down and painted.  We used hooks to attach the signs to the post.Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0674Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0003Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0004


We wanted lights around the swimming pool, so we used old jars and filled them with one candle each.  We then attached them to posts using wire.

Table Names

Our table names were cities that we have travelled to together.  We printed them using my photo printer, I then used alphabet stamps to write the names and wrote on the back.  Carlos made the wooden structures from old bits of wood, and we bought mini pegs to attach them.Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0039Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0618 Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0613Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0140


We made an arch from old bits of wood, bamboo and tins.  We cut, sanded down and painted the wood before pouring cement into the tins and leaving it to set.  We then hung up string to display photos of the guests. We also hung string to trees to display the table names and more photos.Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0665 Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0640Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0045Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0007


We bought flowers a couple of days before, and my mum and one of my bridemaids put them all together with ribbon that I bought from a local shop.Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0117Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0221Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0168Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0670Matrimonio Marcella y Carlos 0561

Flower decorations

My monther-in-law grew sunflowers, as she knew I wanted them for my bouquet.  They ended up being way too big for the bouquet, so we used them for decoration instead.

It was amazing to see all our work had come together on the day!  We were so very lucky to have our family and friends around to help with putting everything together from collecting the hay bales, to hanging photos, to cutting cloth.  Without them, our DIY ideas wouldn’t have worked ❤

These photos were all taken by our amazing wedding photographers ~ Valerie and Alvaro

Marcella xx

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46 thoughts on “Our DIY Wedding

  1. I absolutely ADORE your dress! It’s so beautiful! And I love the idea of the table names being places you’ve visited and the love heart maps for the garlands… I think I want to get married again now!

  2. So so lovely! I love small and intimate wedding celebrations. Unfortunately I come from Asian culture, so we got to have big wedding celebrations. Thanks for sharing your big day with us 🙂

  3. Marcella, I love EVERYTHING in this post!!!! I’m so so impressed that you diy’ed everything. It all looks so gorgeous. I love the boho vibe and all the creative ideas… especially the straw bale seating and the signs with all the countries and pictures on the tables. Your dress is gorgeous too! I hope you’ll show more pictures of the wedding soon!

  4. I don’t know what I love more.. the swing, the heart shaped maps, your pictures, the signs pointing out to all the locations! Your wedding was magical! You guys are glowing by the way!

  5. Marcella!!! How am I just seeing this!??! Omg! I’m obsessed! This wedding couldn’t not be anymore gorgeous! I am so so impressed that you DIYed everything. Pinterest is a beautiful thing, huh? And your dress is flawless!!! So many congratulations on your wedding! The pictures, vibe and ideas are amazing! 😀

  6. First of all, congratulations and many years of happiness to you both! 🙂 I adore going through wedding photos and I thoroughly enjoyed yours. Your wedding looks so beautiful, so many creative details, bravo! Also, your dress is absolutely gorgeous!! xoxo, nano

  7. My bridesmaids are going to help me out with bouquets, too – we’re going to buy the flowers wholesale and then put the bouquets together ourselves. Did you have any bouquet-making experience or did you just wing it? Did you make boutonnieres too?

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