Latin America’s Highest Point

Views:  Who doesn’t love them?  Whether from natural or manmade points, views can be swoon worthy, scary or gasp inducing.

While my parents were in Santiago, we went to Latin America’s Highest point.  Standing at 300m, the Sky Costanera is definitely a view worth visiting.  The view point is situated at the top of 64 floor high Gran Torre Santiago.  The rest of the building houses the largest shopping centre in Latin America as well as offices and two hotels.  The building was finished in 2013, and the view point only opened towards the end of 2015, so it really is brand new.DSC04534

The great thing about this view, unlike lots of other capital city views, is that there aren’t loads of skyscrapers in Santiago so there is very little to obstruct the view.  Sadly, we managed to go on one of the only cloudy days we had in December, but the view still made me gasp aloud when we stepped out of the super speedy lift!
DSC04531DSC04554DSC04535 DSC04541DSC04544DSC04556DSC04572DSC04576DSC04598

From above, it’s easy to see how Santiago follows a grid system so clearly:

Overlooking Santiago’s natural viewpoint, Cerro San Cristóbal (San Cristóbal hill) which is a great work-out when climbing or cycling to the top.DSC04551
And of course, the best thing about views over Santiago are the mountains!  They were still clinging on to that last bit of snow as the temperatures were already reading the 30.  I would LOVE to go again in the winter to see the mountains sparkling white, especially on a day after rain when they look their most beautiful.DSC04580 DSC04582 DSC04584

Which city views do you like?  I wrote a blog post about my favourite here!

Marcella xx

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15 thoughts on “Latin America’s Highest Point

  1. AH!! This just got me so excited … Spoiler alert.. I’m officially coming! So I’ll see you soon! I’m definitely going to have to go here! I love seeing cities from above. It gives you such a didn’t perspective of a place 😀 Can’t wait for all those mountains!!!

  2. wow… is this really Latin America’s highest point?? I would never guess it’d be in Santiago. Why didn’t I know about this building while I was there?! Well, I guess the viewpoint wouldn’t be open then anyway, but it would still be cool to walk around Latin America’s largest shopping center!

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