Wandering The Most Charming City | Honeymoon

I knew that Cartagena de Indias, Colombia was going to be colourful, I knew that it was going to be full of ornate balconies and windows, I knew that every house would look different.

I didn’t realise just quite how beautiful it would be! The city is full of charm, it oozes atmosphere and it really is the most incredible place to just wander!  Probably around half of my photos from our honeymoon are of the gorgeous houses (maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but yeah, I took a lot of photos of houses!)  DSC05196DSC05027

The old part of the city is famous for it’s colonial buildings that come in so many different colours.  The beauty of the city is that some are brightly painted whilst others are crumbling outside.  The balconies look into the narrow streets and the walls and windows are often decorated with ivy and brightly coloured flowers.  It really is so picturesque.

We stayed in the old city for six nights of the nine nights we were away, and spent each day wandering around just taking in all of the charm that the city has to offer.  This is one of those posts where the photos will do all the talking, as they can better describe how wonderful Cartagena de Indias is.

This is why I loved Cartagena de Indias so much:DSC04725
DSC04726DSC04732DSC05037DSC04696 DSC04733DSC04728 DSC04735DSC05213 DSC04755 DSC04759DSC04772 DSC04774 DSC04779 DSC04960DSC05029 DSC05031 DSC05038 DSC05039 DSC05097 DSC05107 DSC05110 DSC05112 DSC05114 DSC05116 DSC05194 DSC05258 DSC05286DSC05291 DSC05298

During the day, Cartagena consumes you with all of the colours and by night it changes into a night time wonderland – I’ll be posting about that next week!

What do you think? Where’s the most charming place you’ve been?

Marcella xx

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50 thoughts on “Wandering The Most Charming City | Honeymoon

  1. I love all the colors! I always take so many pictures of doors when we are on trips that Travis said I should make a coffee table book of all of them. You can make a colorful house coffee table book!

  2. These are all amazing. Imagine framing all those pictures and mounting them in a wall. That would be cool. I have been to other colorful cities like Puebla, Oaxaca and Panama’s Casco Viejo (and I am from Puerto Rico, so I know about the colors of all San Juan). However, I think Cartagena surpass them all in terms of color.

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  4. Ohhh thank you so much for bringing a little piece of South America no #MondayEscapes. I am dying to visit Cartagena next time I go to Brazil (hopefully I will manage to make a stop there before or after visiting my family. Some friends were there in December and they loved it too. I can tell by your photos of the houses that I will love Cartagena too 😀

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