Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, blog friends!  As I type this, some of you will already be in 2016 while others will be enjoying the last few hours of 2015.  Here in Chile we are 3 hours behind GMT and are currently prepping to see in 2016.  50 empanadas are being prepared, the playlist is being compiled and nails have been painted.

So before saying hello to the new year, it’s time to say goodbye to the one before.  When I think of 2015, one word sticks out for me… change!  2015 was the year where I changed jobs, changed countries (and continents!), changed the language I speak in most days and very recently, changed my marital status.  Change is something that is the very hardest and the most rewarding, all at the same time.  Change is full of emotions! In 2016, I am looking forward to a more stable year, still filled with lots of excitement.  Starting with our honeymoon, me starting my new job in February, and a trip home to England during Chilean winter.DSC03704DSC03978DSC03917DSC03414DSC04228photo 3IMG_1297DSC04452

So that is left to say is Thank You to all of those who have followed along with my blog this year.  I feel very lucky to have made so many friends across the globe, friends who love travel, adventures and photography as much as I do 🙂  Here’s to another year of fun in 2016!!

See you after I am back from our honeymoon in mid January, and until then follow along on Instagram 🙂

Which word do you think of when you think of 2015?

Lots of love, Marcella xxx

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