Honeymoon Plans!

Thanks for all your messages of congratulations after our wedding 🙂  I hope you all had a great Christmas and are ready for the celebrations that this week will bring as we see in 2016!

On Tuesday 5th, we head off on honeymoon for ten days to… Colombia!  We are going to a beautiful city on the Caribbean coast called Cartagena de Indias for the perfect blend of beach and city as well as lots of other local places nearby that we will be visiting, including some absolutely stunning looking islands.  We had been talking about going to Costa Rica for a while… but in the end we decided to go to Colombia, a place where neither of us have been before.  And I can’t wait!!

So, why Cartagena?

The colours!

Cartagena is famous for it’s colours; colours are everywhere to be seen and it just looks like it is brimming with character.  It really looks like a photographer’s dream with lots of cafes nestled in between all of the colours.  Just look at these…

The Caribbean Coast

Who hasn’t heard amazing things about The Caribbean Coast?  The water, the sand, the colours.  These photos are from Isla Baru, which we will definitely be visiting…



So that’s our honeymoon destination! 🙂  Up until then we are spending time with our family and friends who are still in Chile, and getting ready to celebrate new year here.  Have you been to Colombia?

Happy 2016!!

Marcella xx

18 thoughts on “Honeymoon Plans!

  1. Congratulations on your wedding and have a wonderful honeymoon!

    We visited that area in 2014-Tayrona and Cartagena. There’s a lot of tourists in Cartagena but it’s great for photos. Plus I always wanted to visit as a big fan of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

  2. Enjoy your honeymoon!! Sounds like an absolutely wonderful destination. I’ve never been to South America yet but definitely to the Caribbean a handful of times… there is no other place on Earth with as beautiful ocean and beaches.

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