The World Through Frames


Frames don’t need to be bought, we just have to look a bit closer to see them all around us.  Here are some of my framed photos from around the globe:

Views over Jaipur, India through a terra-cotta coloured frameDSC_0051 2A narrow road framed by bending trees in Peñaflor, ChileP1030968Stunning architectural details framed by an arch in Mumbai, IndiaMumbaiThe Taj Mahal as seen from Agra FortDSC_0175A serene view of The Amazon River framed by the thatched roof of a hutDSCF4185The Andes mountains framed by green foliage in Santiago, ChileIMG_7661

A picturesque courtyard framed by arches in Sicily, ItalyIMG_0534Colourful, tiled steps framed by a mural wall in Valparaiso, ChileDSCN4234The Atacama Desert framed by the windscreen of a jeep in Chile/BoliviaDSCF3585Mountains in El Calafate, Argentina framed by treesDSCF3067

Gentle waves in Majorca, Spain framed by hotel doorsDSCF0216A view over the city framed by gold details in Berlin, GermanyDSC01193Oxford Street, London framed by the windscreen of a double decker busDSC_1299A brightly-clothed lady working in Dhulikhel, Nepal framed by railings DSC_0419Another view of The Taj Mahal, seen from Agra Fort DSC_0177 Autumn in Prague seen through multi-coloured leaves (we saw somebody propose here right after taking this photo!)DSC_0108Beautiful water and soft sand at Otres Beach in Cambodia, seen through the gaps in between two beach hutsDSC_0107Budapest, Hungary seen from above and framed by stoneDSC_0030A busy street framed by window grills in Kathmandu, NepalDSC_0283

Do you like taking naturally framed photos?

Have a great week!

Marcella xx

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32 thoughts on “The World Through Frames

  1. Beautiful post! I just enjoyed taking some beach/cliff framed pictures at Land’s End this weekend. The artistic shots where you can take a step back, finding a literal window of opportunity, are my favorites.

  2. This is one of my favourite ways to take photos while I’m travelling, too… I think when I look back at them, I still get that sense of being a foreigner looking in 🙂 Gorgeous shots of yours too, I love the Nepal one!

  3. Such beautiful photos! I bet you were reminiscing the good times experienced during your travels to those destinations while preparing for this post 🙂 #MondayEscapes

  4. True that natural frames are everywhere. Love to travel around the world thru your photos. You have captured a lot of nice details.

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