:: That Was November ::

November has all been about change, and a lot of it. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Five things I’ve done this month:

  • Moved across the world to Chile.
  • Got serious with wedding planning. We did all our planning via email so we had all the major things done: Catering, photographers, DJ etc. This month has been about the smaller, decorative details and also lots of DIY decoration, which have been fun.
  • Planned exciting things for my wedding guests, who are arriving this month.
  • Spoken a lot of Spanish!
  • Got a job (yay!) I’m a primary school teacher, and so I got a job here in Chile teaching in a British/Chilean school. The new academic year starts in February here, so I’ll be working from then. photo 2DSC04224

Five things I’ve seen this month:

  • The sun, every single day! Yay for the southern hemisphere in November!
  • The mountains, and I can never get enough of them.
  • A very hot Father Christmas, dressed for winter, but sweating in the summer.
  • Chile’s first H&M (yay!)
  • My first Spanish film without subtitles.DSC04208DSC04215

Five things I’ve eaten this month:

  • Empanadas
  • Seasonal fruit and vegetables. In the UK we are used to having lots of our produce imported, meaning that anything we want is available all year around. In Chile, you get used to learning what is in season, which makes things really varied.
  • Cakes! There have been three birthdays amongst Carlos’ family, which has meant three cakes!
  • Pizza with a qunioa base. Carlos and I have been talking about doing this for a while, and we finally did! It was really easy and delicious.
  • Bread, bread and more bread. Bread is such a staple in Chile, and a day isn’t a day without it!photo 1


Five things I’m looking forward to in December:

  • My family and best friends arriving in Chile for our wedding.
  • Airport welcomes.
  • Spending two days in Viña del Mar and Valparaiso (my favourite city).
  • Celebrating Christmas with my family, Carlos’ family and our friends from around the world.
  • …Getting married!DSC04196

 How has your November been & what are you looking forward to next month?

 Have a great weekend!

Marcella xx

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28 thoughts on “:: That Was November ::

  1. Having access to fresh produce is the best! I’m so used to it here in Greece, so I had a difficulty in finding decent oranges (for example) when I was studying in the UK! December sounds very exciting! Looking forward to see more photos of Chile as well as wedding details!

  2. What an exciting time! Seasonal food is just the best – I miss knowing what will be best now that I’m here. In NZ we could get most things, but you know what is in season by what’s pricy and what’s not! 😛 All the best for the rest of the wedding prep and the festivities!

  3. I never knew you’re a primary school teacher! Congrats on the new job! November sounded like such an exciting month, but even more exciting things are happening in December! I absolutely can’t wait to see wedding pics!!

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