It’s been a while since I published a colour post, so it’s that time again.  For this post I am sharing my red travel photos from around the world 🙂

Red is generally a warm and positive colour as well as being associated with energy, love and passion.  Red is also said to be energising and to provide confidence during moments of shyness. However, too much red can mean anger and irritation.  In Chinese culture, red means luck which is why traditionally, Chinese brides wore red. In India, brides also often wear red as it is a symbol of purity.

Red stalks in London, EnglandDSC_0284The red of Chilean flags against a beautiful backdrop in Middle ChileDSC_0178Children dressed in red in Siem Reap, Cambodia  DSC_0323Red tea in Covent Garden, London, EnglandDSC_0037A pomegranate bursting open in Peñaflor, Chile DSC_0668All dressed in red in Chitwan, Nepal DSC_1042Buddhist chanting in Bodh Gaya, India DSC_1227A single red heart in Valle del Elqui, Chile DSC02722 The sweetest red pomegranates in a Christmas salad, London, EnglandDSC02862Red bird street art in Valparaiso, ChileDSCF3260 Close-up petals at Kew Gardens, London, EnglandDSC03699The most amazing autumn leaves in Blackheath, London, England DSC04023 A red Chinese umbrella amongst the crowds at Rio Carnival, BrazilDSCF1232A line of telephone boxes and a sad looking statue in London, EnglandDSC_0075A red fence leading to more beauty in Buenos Aires, ArgentinaDSCF2795 Experimenting with food dye when cooking pancakes in Dublin, IrelandDSCF6203Red flags against blue sky in La Serena, ChileDSC02796Red street art in Shoreditch, London, EnglandDSC03234

What do you think of when you think of the colour red?

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Marcella xx

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17 thoughts on “Red

  1. I loved this post. Will have to check the rest in your series. I felt like the color jumped out of the photos since I had in my mind that the post was about red.

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