My Favourite Things About Travel

What’s not to love about travelling?  Travelling is wonderful in each and every way, travel is something that dreams are made of, and travel is the best when a dream becomes a reality 🙂

My favourite things about travel are:

The anticipation:

That fluttery feeling that comes from buying a plane ticket, booking accommodation, browsing through blog posts or travel guides for inspiration, is something so unique.  Travel begins even before it begins with feelings of excitement by counting down days on a calendar, by daydreaming while at work and all that comes with the excitement of planning a trip.DSC04000

The newness:

There is something so amazing about stepping off a plane or train (or boat or car)  and being somewhere totally new.  Taking in the change of temperature, the smells, the sights, the noises.  It feels like magic and cements the first impressions of a place.

The wandering:

My favourite thing to do when arriving somewhere for the first time is to wander around and just take it all on.  To absorb the sights and colours, to see the road signs and to wallow in the feeling of being somewhere exciting.  This feeling is especially heightened when you have been dreaming of that place for such a long time, it feels like the dream has become an amazing reality!P1030822DSC05128

The colours:

One thing I tend to notice is colours which may be on the market stalls, the flowers, flags or street art.  Colour is striking and something we can ignore when we see it everyday.  However, in a new place it is there to all be taken in and it can drawn us in and captivate us!DSC01160DSC02375DSC_1185

The landscapes:

Sometimes the landscape can mean winding streets or built up cities, and sometimes it can mean towering mountains or lush green.  Whatever it may be, it’s something that I love about travel.  I love to observe the differences in landscapes especially those that are so different from home.  Nothing beats those wow moments when you see a landscape unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!  DSC02027DSC00081DSC03194

The food:

Exploring through my tastebuds is a must!  Getting to taste authentic food in it’s country of origin is the best as well as taking in the atmosphere of eating out whether that is in a bustling cafe, a street food market or a quiet restaurant off the beaten-track.DSC01156DSC02221DSC03414DSC02357

The culture:

Culture is made up of so much; customs, history, food, language… the list goes on. Getting to take a peek into another culture is something that is made truly possible through travel.  Interacting with people is the number one thing that I believe teaches you the most about a culture.  DSCF2169

The memories:

The amazing thing about travelling is that it doesn’t end once you get back home.  Collecting memories is one of the best things about travelling, I like to re-live these through my photos and the stories I get to tell.

Travel is the most amazing thing.  Travel is my favourite thing 🙂  What are the things you love most about travel?

Happy Weekend!!

Marcella xx

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53 thoughts on “My Favourite Things About Travel

  1. Gorgeous photos! If I had to narrow it down I’d say that I like anything new and different and of course the food! But really I love 98% of things about travel 🙂

  2. I really love the researching and planning stages before a trip. I even love the packing! Making sure I have thought about everything we will need but somehow not taking too much stuff – that really tickles my organisational control freakism! #MondayEscapes

  3. Such a cute post, Marcella! You know that my favorite thing about travel is the food!! But I think in general, I just love experiencing other cultures and seeing how they think/do things. The only thing I don’t like about travel is the planning :P. I hate the process of looking for flights and accommodations. Oh yeah, I also don’t like the part where money just magically disappears from your bank account. 😉

  4. I agree with all your reasons! I love travel because of the freedom it provides to be yourself and for the power it has to make you try new things.

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