London Lasts

After leaving work to get ready to move to Chile, I wanted to spend the last couple of weeks doing the things I loved.  So this is how I spent my last two weeks in London:

Admiring ::

London is full of amazing art!  We are so lucky to have so many free exhibitions both permanent and temporary so I took advantage of admiring it.

Hunt by Arran Gregory at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane ~ This was a display of 20 mirrored Amur leopards (the world’s most endangered cat) and the effect was amazing!  All of the cats were identical and made from shapes that has been carefully arranged to create the final masterpiece.DSC04108 DSC04112 DSC04116 DSC04117DSC04120


Power Stations Paintings by John Hoyland at Newport Street Gallery, Vauxhall ~ This is a brand new gallery with pieces of art from Damien Hirst’s art collection.  The pieces on display at the moment and vibrant, grant and captivating.  The blue themed room was my 1 photo 2

Consuming :: London is full to the brim of global cuisine so I took advantage of that fact, and set out at re-visiting some of my favourite food places.

DishoomI’ve written about Dishoom before and I was definately due another trip.  Dishoom is based on a Bombay café, both in terms of decor and menu.  This places is always full and all for a good reason; the food tastes so good, and the chocolate chai is a dream too!

DSC04029DSC04048DSC04066 DSC04034DSC04044 DSC04040

Whole Foods, Kensington ~ For a quick, filling and healthy lunch I love the Whole Foods in Kensington, especially the noodle and tofu bowl coated with peanuts! Yum!DSC04122

Comptoir Libanais ~ This Lebanese restaurant has caught my eye before as the decor is so cool!  We went for an afternoon snack of baklava and rose green tea, it was the perfect pick-me-up and the menu for lunch and dinner looked pretty good too!DSC04129 DSC04131

Finding ::

What’s better than going to an art gallery is finding art in unexpected places.

This skiing wall art was on a tiny road in Kensington, I love the colours and the wintery feel!DSC04126

It’s not a surprise to find street art in Brick Lane, but it was a surprise to stumble across this very freshly painted one, complete with paint splatters on the floor!  I love how bright these colours are 🙂
DSC04105 DSC04104

Counter Albion is a café in Shoreditch with beautiful tables and bright lights to illuminate the grey sky outside.

Everything can become art!  This cool tunnel runs into Kings Cross Station and was pretty fun to walk through.DSC04072

And lastly, not something I love but something necessary: Organising :: Of course, moving abroad means organising; packing, paperwork and two visits to the Chilean embassy in London.DSC04121

What are your favourite things to do in your hometown?

Marcella xx

25 thoughts on “London Lasts

  1. It’s definitely a good thing that you took advantage of the food from home before you moved to Chile! Being abroad myself, I can confidently say that’s what I miss most!

  2. What great ways to spend your last days in London. Well all besides the paperwork and trips to the Embassy. (Even though that can still be exciting, because you’re going to CHILE!!) I’m loving the Hunt exhibit and all of the colorful street art! And the food looks delicious too! 😀

  3. What a great way to spend your last weeks in London! I would probably do as you did, and eat at my favourite restaurants. Actually that’s what I end up doing when I go home to visit, plan outings with friends so that I can stuff my face with with I haven’t eaten in months 😜

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