See You in Chile!

Next time I write a post it’ll be from that really really long country across the Atlantic that is known for it’s great wine and the 33 miners.  We are about to enter into our last week in London before moving across the Atlantic to Chile so this will be my last post until then.

Carlos and I have both finished work now so next week will be about those last glimpses of London, consuming food that I know I won’t have in a while & lots of family and friend time.  Then of course there is all the packing that needs to be done, plus some moments of colouring and yoga to keep calm in the process of all of this!  DSC03592

You’ll be able to see my last London shots and first Chile snaps on Instagram, so until then – See you all in Chile for many posts about mountains, avocados and surviving life in Spanish!DSC03376

Thanks so much for all of your lovely messages of positivity about moving abroad 🙂

Nos vemos!! Marcella xx

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21 thoughts on “See You in Chile!

  1. Eeek! So exciting. Have a fantastic last week in London, safe travels, looking forward to reading about your new life in Chile.

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