Water is essential to life, yet too much or too little becomes the opposite.  Many people take water for granted, while other’s day-to-day lives evolve around trying to obtain it.  Water is often associated with relaxation in the form of spas and beaches, and also with working up a sweat when carrying out water sports.  Water often heavily features in travelling; beaches, waterfalls and lagoons are top tourists hotspots.

I’ve put together a collection of my water photos from around the world:

A turquoise lake in the distance in the Bolivian desertDSCF3464

The Floating Palace, Jaipur, IndiaDSC_0015 2

River Views during autumn, Prague, Czech RepublicDSC_0016

Water patterns on a sunny day, Marseille, France  DSC_0106

Washing up after dinner, Chitwan District, NepalDSC_0549

Water droplets on our hut after a monsoon shower, Otres 2 beach, CambodiaDSC_0046

Water spraying into the bluest sky, Geneva, Switzerland   DSC02069

The holy Ganges River, Varanasi, IndiaDSC_1252

The wet streets of Paris, FranceDSC02188

Frozen water at the top of Carnedd Dafydd, WalesDSC03169

Water street art in Shoreditch, East London, EnglandDSC03242

Ripples in the sea in St. Ives, Cornwall, EnglandDSC03406

Tumbling water at Iguazu Falls, Brazil/ArgentinaDSCF2342

Peace in the middle of the city at The Japanese Garden, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaDSCF2786

Sunset on the fields during monsoon season, Chitwan District, NepalDSC_0648

The Floating Islands in Lake Titicaca, PeruDSCF4126

Beautiful blue water against the snow at The Blue Lagoon in IcelandIMG_2020.JPG

Which place do you think of when you think of water?

My other themed photo series:

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Marcella xx

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13 thoughts on “Water

  1. Having grown up in Greece and in a coastal suburbs nonetheless I’m so used to the presence of water and particularly the sea. Every summer during the weekends I just HAVE to go swimming! I can’t imagine myself living in a city that isn’t near the water! When traveling abroad I like visiting lakes and rivers too! Love your collection of water photos! 🙂

  2. Another beautiful compilation of photos, Marcella!! The floating palace in India is simply gorgeous, and the frozen water in Wales is crazy!! You know that I love to be near water, whether it’s a beautiful white sand beach or just a river!! Being near water just makes me feel calmer. 😀

    • Thank you! The top of the mountain was soooo cold and windy, I think that’s why the ice kind of stuck out because the wind made it form that way. And the floating palace was equally beautiful 🙂 I know what you mean, water has such a way of calming people, doesn’t it?

  3. I love your posts like this!! Wow, just wow! These pictures are stunning! When I think of water I usually resort back to the beach, but you’ve captured it in so many different lights here! Amazing!

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