Thank You, Blogger Friends

DSC04000When I started blogging in January 2014, I wanted a creative outlet as I was in an stressful job and I wanted a way to share my thousands of photos.

I never imagined that I would make so many ‘blogger friends’ and be so inspired every time I open my Bloglovin’ page and see all the wonderful posts waiting to be read.  I never imagined how friendly and supportive the blogging community would be.  I feel like I’ve met so many of you, when really you live many miles away, sometimes thousands of miles away.DSC03996 DSC03998 DSC03999DSC04002
I have been inspired by photos and dreamy writing, I have thought about travelling to places that I never had thought of, I’ve been introduced to places that I’d never even heard of.  But most of all, I’ve been inspired by so many of you who live across the world from your home.  I love following along with your big and little daily adventures, hearing about all the fabulous places you see, the interesting food you eat, the cultural shocks and mishaps, the highs and the lows.  DSC04004DSC04003I am going through a period of many emotions as I get ready to move to Chile, and sometimes I freak out about how big this move is.  But I always take comfort in the fact that, I am not alone.  I know so many of you that have done exactly the same thing and you have survived it, and have set up your life many miles from home! This is a thank you to all of you for all of your inspiration for moving abroad, travelling and settling.  Thank you, blogger friends for being so wonderful and so inspiring ❤DSC04007DSC04005

With love, Marcella xx

What do you love about blogging?

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23 thoughts on “Thank You, Blogger Friends

  1. Good luck on the move!! And I completely agree with you – the blogging community can be so amazing, and I’ve made a lot of friends through it, too 🙂 Looking forward to reading more about this big new adventure for you!

  2. You’re welcome! It’s been great following your travels. Wishing all goes well in Chile! I enjoy blogging because I get to know people like you who enjoy exploring other worlds and cultures!

  3. Awww Marcella this is so sweet! I am so happy to have “met” you too because you’re one of my favorites! I am so excited for you and I cannot wait to see what adventures you guys get up to in Chile!! You have nothing to worry about because you’ve done it before once already. 🙂

  4. Aw such a beautiful post! Good luck with your move. The thing I love about blogging is, that I can be me! I can express how I want and build on my own prodigy and dreams! Xxx


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