Chile {According to Pinterest}

I’d never thought about using Pinterest for travel planning or inspiration but I’ve seen a few blog posts lately in which people have, and I realised it’s a great idea! Of course, there may be some heavy editing on Pinterest but it really does show the most beautiful places to see.  So, I’ve chosen some incredibly beautiful places that I’d love to visit while living in Chile.

Torres del Paine

One of the most famous places in Chile, and all for a good reason!  Torres del Paine National Park is filled with mountains, lakes and glaciers and is therefore my favourite type of landscape.  Everyone who has been there swoons are its beautiful, and I can totally see why.  I’d love to spend some time trekking there and admiring the mountains.enhanced-buzz-wide-1000-1393529371-6Source 


Chiloé Island is famous for it’s brightly coloured houses (known as palafitos) and churches, and looks too picturesque for words.  What’s not to love about brightly coloured homes along a river.4311111660_9839d414a5Source


I’ve driven through Portillo on the way to Argentina with my face glued to the window as the bus drove through the most beautiful mountains, as it was winter. Portillo is famous for skiing, but just look at this lake, which is slightly hidden. Canoeing into those mountains looks unreal!

Catedral de Marmol

The marble caves are created by a geological formation that have formed the most interesting patterns and shapes, surrounded by a lake.  It looks as though somebody have painted these patterns, but this is nature’s art!Marble-Caverns-of-Carrera-Lake-ChileSource 

Easter Island

Another really famous destination in Chile.  Easter Island is most well known for it’s monumental statues.  Just look at this photo of them under a starry night sky, so amazing!3003174Source

The World’s Largest Outdoor Pool

It’d be pretty fun to swim in the largest pool in the world in San Alfonso del Mar.  This pool looks like it stretches on forever and it must feel like swimming in the sea; you wouldn’t touch the edge much!  beautiful_swimming_pools_eco_friendly2_0Source

Which of these places would you most like to visit?  Have you ever used Pinterest for travel planning?

Marcella xx

13 thoughts on “Chile {According to Pinterest}

  1. Torres del Paine is on my list of places to visit! I’ve used Pinterest quite a bit for travel inspiration and planning. It probably the sole reason my travel list has doubled in the past year.

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