A City of Art :: Valparaíso, Chile


When asked: “Where shall I go in Chile?”, I always recommend the amazing city of Valparaíso. I haven’t met a person who didn’t fall in love with Valparaíso the moment their feet touched down in the city. So, today I am going to introduce you to my favourite Chilean city, Valparaíso. Often referred to as Valpo.

Valparaíso is a port city located just over 100km north of Santiago. The first thing you will notice upon arrival is the steepness of the city, which is why they say the people of Valpo have the best legs in Chile! It’s made up of steep staircases and narrow, winding alleyways. If you brave the steepness you will be rewarded with beautiful views over the port. But, if you are feeling achey you can take one of the city’s many funiculars. There are twenty two in total and these will take you up to the top of the hill for a small fee.DSCF3263DSCF3291DSCN4198 DSCF3284DSCF3279P1030822DSCF4880DSCN4236

The real charm of the city is that it resembles an outdoor art gallery. Lots of cities around the world have street art areas, but Valpo is different. In the steep hilled area of the city there isn’t an inch of wall not covered. However, it’s not just the walls that are lined with art. Art is everywhere; on the floor, on the bins, on the chairs, on the steps. Art is what the city is all about! And art is what makes you want to keep going back for more.P1030817DSCN4238DSCN4243 DSCN4208DSCN4233P1030835 DSCN4234

P1030826 DSCF3281 DSCF3271 DSCF3261 DSCF3253 DSCF3256

Valparaíso is also home to a very special kind of home. The home of Pablo Neruda, a nobel prize winning poet, is located right at the top of the hills. Pablo Neruda has three homes in Chile, each one feeling like a museum of memories. This particular one is called ‘La Sebastiana’ and is beautiful in everyway. It is full of artefacts from his life and you are free to wander around the rooms and see for yourself where his inspiration came from.

“I built the house. First, I made it of air. Then, I raised the flag in the air and left it hanging from the sky, from the light and the darkness.” Pablo Neruda – excerpt from “To La Sebastiana”DSCN4187 DSCN4185

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing a bit of Valparaíso!  Which city do you love the most?

Marcella xx

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This post was first published on Amy and the Great World in April 2015

51 thoughts on “A City of Art :: Valparaíso, Chile

  1. It’s very colorful indeed! Reminds me of Athens in a way! I admit that I didn’t know about Valparaiso, but looked it up on the map after the recent earthquake! I admit that I thought of you, because being in the UK means you’re not used to earthquakes and Chile gets some pretty strong ones!

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  3. It looks amazing! I’ve never been to Chile but someday I will. Florence is my favorite city- for the statues, architecture, and all things Renaissance.

  4. As someone who loves colour, I think I’d love living in Valpo (though it would take awhile for my legs to get used to all the hills!). Plus, Pablo Neruda is one of my favourite poets, so I now it’s definitely on the bucket list.

  5. This is so stunning. I love places full of color, so, I know I will be mad in love with Valparaiso if I visit. We have friends in Chile who are always inviting us to visit their country.

  6. What an amazingly beautiful city! I’m obsessed with all of the art! This place looks like a good workout too! You have to work to see all the art, but it seems like great motivation! Hope I can get here soon, looks unreal 😀

  7. Marcella, this is an absolutely beautiful and accurate homage to Valpo, and the photos are gorgeous. On my own visit I took many of the same photos as you, entranced, but with a poorer eye. Pablo Naruda’s poetry deserves his Nobel Prize, but his three houses – in Bella Vista (Santiago), La Sebastiana (Valparaiso) and Isla Negra (near Valpo) – are equally significant.

  8. fascinating colors and graffiti…
    so you live in Chile now? 🙂 lol, I was just about to ask Why Chile… but then I read the post about why Chile… the first reason was good enought for me 🙂 hugs…

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