The Beauty of South America

When I think back to my five months travelling in South America, there are so many things I think of; the cities I visited, the people I met, the long bus journeys, the colours, the food, the languages, CouchSurfing.  But the thing that stands out more than anything is how much natural beauty I saw.  There so so SO many stunning landscapes, beautiful views and areas of natural beauty that literally took my breath away.  Areas of unbelievable natural beauty that you just can’t quite believe it.

I remember feeling so lucky and grateful that I was getting to see all of these things, and appreciating each and every one of them.  South America is a continent that boasts oh so many beautiful areas and so many varied landscapes across it’s huge space, after all it’s absolutely huge!!  So, today I wanted to share my favourite natural beauties from South America.

Looking back at these photos, five years on, I still can’t quite believe how beautiful these places are.  It doesn’t matter how many times I have looked at my photos (which is a lot!), I still manage to feel the excitement of having been a continent that is this stunning.  I’ll let the images do the talking because they do more than any words could ever do!


Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil

One of the most popular destinations in South America and all for the reason that you get to see so many waterfalls beautifully cascading in stunning surroundings. Post here.DSCF2419 DSCF2342 DSCF2311

Fitz Roy Mountain Range, El Chalten, Argentina

These views were the result of a six-hour hike through an insane amount of beauty. We sat and had lunch in front of the most beautiful Fitz Roy and the three of us were pretty much the only ones there.  This only added to my love of anything mountain related.El Calafate and El Chalten 144 El Calafate and El Chalten 141 El Calafate and El Chalten 113

Volcan Villarrica, Pucon, Chile

Climbing a volcano?  I didn’t even know you could do that!  This experience was one of the most exciting yet also terrifying of my time in South America.  The climb is steep!  You have to use crampons to get up there as it’s covered in snow and obviously you are going only one way… which is up.  The guide for my group luckily took pity on me being so scared and had me at the front.  The feeling of climbing a volcano is pretty special as are the views and the lava you get to see at the top!  You literally are above the clouds!DSCF3246 DSCF3242 DSCF3237

Angel Falls, Venezuela

The highest free flowing waterfall in the world and a journey and a half to get there!  Set in the most remote place surrounded by green and blue skies and a two day journey to get there.  Post here.

DSCF4440 DSCF4427 DSCF4409

The Amazon, Brazil.

Exploring The Amazon was a dream; being somewhere so remote and isolated was the definition of natural beauty.  Walking through the rainforest, boating and catching piranhas was so much to take in!  Posts here and here.

DSCF4200 DSCF4185DSC05422

The Journey from San Pedro de Atacama, Chile to Uyuni, Bolivia.

A three-day journey through the desert, and who knew the desert could be so pretty?  Desert to me means orange sand… but I learnt it was so so much more than that with areas of water, rocks and so so many dramatic skies!  Post here.DSCF3609 DSCF3679 DSCF3586 DSCF3570 DSCF3501 DSCF3490 DSCF3482 DSCF3460

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

The driest desert in the world didn’t disappoint -it was beautiful beyond words!  The sand was so bright and formed into beautiful sand dunes.  The sky was stunning and sunset was one of the most pretty I’ve seen. Post here.san-pedro-6 san-pedro-7 san-pedro-11
 Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina.

Not only was this huge glacier very beautiful but it was surrounded by mountains and water too – a match made in heaven.  The glacier was even more stunning because it went on for a far as the eye could see, and that’s because it is an incredible 18 miles long. Post here.DSCF3057 DSCF3037 DSCF3030 DSCF3028 DSCF2989

Which place do you think of when you think of natural beauty?

Marcella xx


21 thoughts on “The Beauty of South America

  1. WOWOW these pictures are stunning! You just got me so so excited for South America!!! It’s so different than traveling through cities in Europe! I’m so ready for some intense nature time!! I’m definitely going to save this for some trip inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

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