When I think of colours around the world, I usually think of bright and vibrant colours.  But today, I am sharing a more subtle colour.  Here are my white travel photos from around the world.

White is a colour that is associated with purity, innocence, cleanliness and new beginnings.  White usually has positive connotations, but too much of it can create a feeling of emptiness and loneliness, as well as sometimes detachment.  However, in some cultures white symbolises death and mourning.

Jumping into white in the Salt Flats, BoliviaDSC05069White sheets out to dry in Varanasi, IndiaDSC_0122White flowers in Kew Gardens, London, EnglandDSC03671The mountains in winter, Santiago de ChileDSC_0627White swans in the canals, Stratford upon Avon, EnglandDSC_0922White statues in Marseille, FranceDSC00598Spring blooming in Birmingham, England

DSC00651White clouds filling a blue sky in Berlin, GermanyDSC00961A spray of white – Jet d’Eau, Geneva, Switzerland

DSC02069Wise words on white paper.  Seen in a shop window in Paris, FranceDSC02175White paper bags to reveal empanadas in Valle del Equi, Chile DSC02768Snow on the top of Carnedd Dafydd, Wales DSC03170Clotted cream to accompany afternoon tea on the beach in St Ives, EnglandDSC03553White spray from a huge waterfall in Venezuela DSCF4378White sky in Dublin, IrelandDSCF6153Snow covered mountains in El Calafate, Argentina El Calafate and El Chalten 117Melting marshmallows in Geneva, SwitzerlandDSC02127What do you think of when you think of the colour white?

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Marcella xx


32 thoughts on “White

  1. Lovely photos! 🙂 Particularly like the empanadas poking out of the white bag!! Really inspiring to notice how beautiful white can be in my photos too… I also think of the Bolivian salt flats, and the white baby llamas in Peru and snow/ice on the mountains around Franz Josef, New Zealand. Thanks for making me think outside of my colourful box.

  2. This photo series is so much fun, it looks like a great reason to go through all your old travel photos. I’m so jealous you got to visit the Salt Flats, it’s on my bucket list.

  3. This is such a cool series of posts. I love the idea. Makes me want to reorganize my photos by color. I love snow-capped mountains. That is my favorite “white” image.

  4. The salt flats are so other-worldly! I love all the different kinds of subjects in your pictures. They’re all beautiful! And now I want a hot chocolate with marshmallows in…

  5. What an excellent collection of photos! Some of them would not make me think about the color white and I think that is why I find the post so interesting. Love your attention to detail.

  6. This is so fun! I remember seeing at least one of your other color posts and I was inspired! I was began a series of red photos and then never finished it. I just love how different all the photos are with the same color theme!

  7. I love the concept of your color posts – so fun to get a whirlwind tour of places you’ve been via a color. That first one of the salt flats in Bolivia is incredible! I dream of going there one day. The Argentinian mountains are gorgeous as well – great shots as always!

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