London’s Parks :: Hyde Park and Holland Park

Can you tell I am leaving London soon (to move to Chile)?  I seem to have already begun with some nostalgic posts: What London Means to Me where I listed my favourite parts of London & Thoughts on Escaping The City where I said that I don’t ever have the feeling that I need to “escape” the city.  Maybe the reason that I never need to escape is because us Londoners are so lucky to live somewhere with a tonne of green space.  London definitely isn’t a concrete jungle. When I think of a park, I think of flat grass and some dotted around trees.  But our parks are far from that, they spread on for what seems like miles and have water, gardens, activities, views… the list goes on. As I’m on my summer holidays from work at the moment, I have been doing lots of park exploring.  Starting with one of the biggest of the London Parks, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens merge into one huge area of beauty and activity. Hyde Park // Kensington Gardens Beautiful, brightly coloured flowers make a big appearance in this park.  Close to Hyde Park Corner is a rose garden with benches to admire the sights and smells of these beautiful blooms.DSC03808 DSC03809 You will also find a flower walk in the centre of the park.  After walking through the gate you are greeted with flowers to either side of you.  The trees tower way above your head, giving the flower walk a private and peaceful feel to it.  The colours and textures are just beautiful.DSC03838DSC03813DSC03845 DSC03844 DSC03839From the flower walk you can catch a glimpse of The Albert Memorial, which was build to commemorate the death of Prince Albert.  It towers way above the park and the gold glistens at you.  It really is very striking and so vast.DSC03837 Walk closer to see the detail and real take in just how huge this memorial is! DSC03848 DSC03847 DSC03833 DSC03831 DSC03830 DSC03829 DSC03828 DSC03827 One of the most famous features of the park is The Serpentine, a lake using for boating and general admiring, people also brave the cold waters for a swim too! DSC03812DSC03816 Another feature of water is Round Pond, in front of Kensington Palace.  It’s teeming with swans and ducks being happily fed.DSC03897 DSC03896One of the most impressive and beautiful parts of Kensington Gardens is the Sunken Garden brimming with colour.  It was breathtakingly beautiful!  I never knew this existed and was blown away by it, it looks almost tropical with the beautiful blue sky backdrop.DSC03899 DSC03904 DSC03900Lastly, by The Serpentine are The Serpentine Galleries housing temporary exhibitions.  Currently, on The Serpentine Pavillion is this amazing structure, designed by Selgascano.  You are able to walk through the parts of the structure, looking up at the colours above you. DSC03817 DSC03819 DSC03820 DSC03821 DSC03823 DSC03825 Holland ParkDSC03909 Just a few minutes walk from Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens is Holland Park.  Holland Park is one of those parks with lots of nooks and crannies; different gardens, arches, squares, flower beds and patches of grass.  It also has paths that look like they lead into the countryside or the woods.  After seeing Jessi’s post on the beautiful Japanese Gardens, I headed there myself for a little taste of Japan.  It’s so peaceful as the trickling water from the waterfall paired with the beautiful water reflections create such a serene feel. DSC03911 DSC03912 DSC03913 DSC03914 DSC03915 DSC03916 DSC03917 DSC03918 DSC03919 DSC03920 DSC03921Which are your favourite parks to visit? Marcella xx Follow along on Bloglovin’ :D//

37 thoughts on “London’s Parks :: Hyde Park and Holland Park

  1. I love Hyde Park! Well Athens does not have green spaces so when I travel abroad I make a point of visiting as many parks as possible!

  2. I love how London has such beautiful parks and gardens… especially for such a massive city! One night you’re in the hustle and bustle of the cars, buses, trains and then a few feet away, you’re in this beautiful park full of flowers. When will you be moving to Chile? Can’t wait to read your posts from there after your move 🙂

    • So true, it’s such a varied city! Are you still planning to visit this year? I remember you were thinking about it.
      When we move is kind of out of our hands at the moment as it depends on Carlos’ PhD submission and defence dates. But we estimate in just under two months, will keep you updated 🙂

  3. One of the things I loved the most about Madrid were all of the parks and greenery! It makes living in a city just that much easier when you have an escape so close! I have to admit I went to London and somehow missed these parks! The Sunken Garden looks so beautiful, almost like a tropical oasis!! And who says it always rains in London?! Your pictures all look so wonderfully blue! I know it’s never easy making a big move, but I hope you’re excited to be moving to Chile! I’m hoping to join you soon :D!!!!

  4. Beautiful! I was talking to a friend about London, and she was saying that she thinks London has the best parks in the world. They do have such lovely green spaces over there throughout the city! I’ve never been to Holland Park but have been wanting to go, so I really enjoyed the virtual visit through your photos 🙂

  5. All of your photos are beautiful, but I was really struck by the gleaming Prince Albert Memorial set ag! ainst the brooding sky – visual poetry! Good luck on your upcoming move!

  6. You know, I’ve never really been around many London parks properly. Growing up near London, I always had great green spaces near me so I would go into town to do the non-green spaces things (if that makes sense!). But now I think I’ve been missing out. That sunken garden looks so cheerful!

  7. Great photos! I’ve only been to Hyde Park, but it looks like I missed out by not visiting Holland Park. I love Japanese style gardens.

  8. I love your photos! I think one of the best things about London all the green spaces. Holland Park is definitely a favourite of mine – I love the giant chess board and the peacocks in particular!

  9. Some amazing photos of the parks! I definitely try to head to a new park every time I visit London, they are amazing. I definitely don’t think of London as a green city, just because in Montreal green is actually everywhere, at every corner, there are trees everywhere, etc. But London does green spaces really well! Like when there is a park or a green space it’s AMAZING and huge! I definitely think it’s two different ways of doing green, but I might just prefer the London way because you can almost forget you’re in the city!xx

    • That sounds lovely – I love tree lined streets 🙂 I always think if the beautiful tree lined streets in Paris, so pretty! But you’re right, it’s fun to sometimes think you aren’t in the city despite being in central London. Chilean cities are definitely not as green so it’ll be an adjustment!!

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