Skies Around the World

How often do you look at the sky while travelling?  It may be the very first thing you look at in the morning while wondering what to wear, or where to go that day.  Wondering if a storm is brewing or whether you need to pack an extra layer or, gazing at the sunny blue sky and feeling excited for the day ahead.  There are also the times when you look at the sky to capture a beautiful sunset or sunrise, both in your mind and on your camera.  You might look up to see a breathtaking view in the distance or a bird flying ahead.

Or sometimes, simply to admire the clouds and think how lucky you are to be travelling.

Similarly to my Sunrises and Sunsets post, here is a collection of sky from around the world.

Dramatic clouds on the beach during golden hour, captured after a whole day of walking along the deserted coastline in La Coronilla, UruguayDSCF1867A misty sky during autumn seen in Prague, Czech RepublicDSC_0023The Mexican flag (and a Corona sign) flying proudly against a perfect blue sky between the Mexican and US borderDSC_0057.JPGIt’s all blue in Vilches National Park, ChileDSC_0106Birds flying over The holy Ganges River during sunrise in Varanasi, IndiaDSC_0120Downhill cycling into the stunningly beautiful clouds close to Cusco, PeruDSCF3864One of my favourite skies ever with fluffy clouds and a gorgeous blue on Otres 2 beach, CambodiaDSC_0231Houses for as far as the eye can see accompanied by white, fluffy clouds in Kathmandu, NepalDSC_0247Christ the Redeemer looking down from the sky in Rio, BrazilDSCF1028Birds taking flight against a backdrop of mountains and cloudy sky during winter in El Calafate, ArgentinaDSCF2883Spotting the rainbow amongst the mountains from up high in Dhulikhel, NepalDSC_0460Where the sky meets the water in Reykjavik, IcelandIMG_1952.JPGLooking down from the sky into the clouds was so surreal after the tough climb up Volcano Villarrica in Pucon, ChileDSCF3215The Spire of Dublin pointing into a cloud in Dublin, IrelandDSCF3550A dramatic, cloudy sky on the Salt Flats of BoliviaDSCF3656Wide skies where blue meets lush green in the Venezuelan countrysideDSCF4312Where have you seen a beautiful skies whilst travelling?  Have a great new week 🙂

Marcella xx

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22 thoughts on “Skies Around the World

  1. I love the sky. It is always unique and can be so dramatic, or sombre or even playful. It’s a force of nature we don’t always appreciate. I love storms cloud formations and the colours. So magical. Thanks for the thought provoking post – a wandering memory

  2. As always some amazing photos! I’ve definitely become more admiring of skies since moving to Scotland – I find myself looking up at it all the time! You can often tell how cold or windy it’ll be if you can physically see the clouds moving haha And you climbed Villarica?? Awesome – definitely one on my Chile bucket list!x

    • Thanks Camila! Yep, I always do a quick sky weather check 😉 The climb up Villarica was a tough one, wow! You have to use crampons and a stick etc but climbing up a volcano was pretty amazing! I hope you get to do it, you even see the lava at the top too 🙂

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