Summer Scenes

Oh, hello Summer!  This week in London has been filled with glorious summer days (some were just that bit too hot when you are at work!), ice-creams, bare legs, suntan lotion and sunglasses.  And, of course some beautiful sights in the nature world too.  Here is what I caught with my camera this week…DSC_0051 DSC_0052 DSC_0054 DSC_0056 DSC_0057 DSC_0059 DSC_0062 DSC_0063 DSC_0064 DSC_0065How was your week?  Are you in the middle of a heatwave too?

Happy weekend!

Marcella xx

16 thoughts on “Summer Scenes

  1. Beautiful! Those strawberries are literally picture perfect! We’ve been having quite the heat wave here too. Luckily my host family has a swimming pond to cool off in 🙂

  2. Oh Summer, isn’t it wonderful!! I’d love some freshly picked strawberries right about now! We are in the midst of Winter here in Australia and while it’s not too bad, I’m starting to long for some warmer weather! xx

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