Summer Is When…

NEWS FLASH:  Summer has hit the UK and later this week we have a predicted temperature of 34 degrees in London (Pass me a bucket of ice!)

So, to celebrate I thought of what summer means to me 🙂

Summer means :: Late sunsets while driving through Middle ChileDSC_0059

Summer means :: Outdoor food and Pimm’s in the gardenDSC_0047

Summer means :: A cold drink in the Cambodian countrysideDSC_0102

Summer means :: Blue water in the South of FranceDSC_0106

Summer means :: Adventuring in Middle ChileDSC_0278

Summer means :: Blue sky in CambodiaDSC_0337

Summer means :: Seafood on the BBQ in Santiago, ChileDSC_0562

Summer means :: A day trip to Brighton beach, England

Summer means :: Visiting the green hills of the Peak District, EnglandDSC01973

Summer means :: Finding the bluest sky possible in Geneva, SwitzerlandDSC02069

Summer means :: Pretty pink flowers in Peñaflor, ChileDSC02583

Summer means :: The taste of a papaya ice-cream in Valle de Elqui, ChileDSC02644

Happy Summer! (Those of you in the Northern Hemisphere)  What does summer mean to you and what is your favourite summer memory?

Marcella xx
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What better way to celebrate summer than with an Instagram photo challenge throughout July.  Check out more here {Starts Wednesday 1st July}

8 thoughts on “Summer Is When…

  1. I love these kind of posts where you find photos from all over the world and put them in a common theme! Summer to me means eating outside on sidewalk cafes and flowy dresses :D. I’m loving summer in Europe and especially all those cheap ice cream scoops!

  2. Beautiful photos! I especially love the photo from the South of France! Having France so close to the UK means that I often overlook it and forget how beautiful it is!

  3. I’m so late on this, but this is making me dream! It was quite warm for the first few days of July, but here in Scotland it has been such a crap summer, wish I could go swimming in some beautiful blue water and having the warm sun of Chile shine on me 🙂

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