The Food of Cornwall

A big part of travel is exploring new foods, tasting new tastes and eating out. Despite Cornwall being not so far away from London, there are definitely some food treats that they are famous for:

Cornish pasties.

Cornish pasties are sold all over the UK, and stores selling them are on most major rail stations. But as the name suggests, they were first created in Cornwall, and so they must be the best, right?! You can’t go a few steps in St Ives without seeing a pasty shop… They are everywhere! The most traditional pasty is a steak one that we saw sold in three sizes, the biggest one was hUge!  I don’t eat meat so I tried two veggie ones- cheese and onion, and ricotta and spinach, and I can definitely confirm that the pasties were good. The fillings just tasted better – so fresh and substantial, and I loved that many of the shops served a range without meat. DSC03428DSC03427

Cream tea.

Again, cream tea is served all over the UK but is famous in Cornwall for the cream it’s served with, it’s especially think. Cream tea is typically served in the afternoon and consists of scones, cream and strawberry jam, served with tea because if course, it’s England! We found Porthmeor Beach Café overlooking the beach and enjoyed these deliciously light scones that had just been baked. It was also lovely to overlook the beach and enjoy the cream tea from outside.DSC03553 DSC03550


St Ives had lots of fudge shops, with lovely flavours lining the windows with different toppings too. We took some home as a gift.DSC03424

Fish and seafood.

When by the beach, there is nothing better than enjoying fresh fish. There are lots of fish eateries in St Ives, ranging from typical fish n chips to take away to seafood restaurants. We went to Porthgwidden Beach Cafe and I enjoyed this delicious crab linguine served with mussels, while Carlos enjoyed a plate of fish n chips, while we overlooked the sea. DSC03414 DSC03407

Local drink.

And what better way to wash the food down, than with locally produced larger and elderflower pressé.DSC03513 DSC03515

Which of these would you like to try?

That’s the last of my posts on a wonderful three days in St Ives, did you see the others?

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Marcella xx

16 thoughts on “The Food of Cornwall

  1. You could become the tourism ambassadors for St. Ives. You have done an excellent job of showcasing the highlights. Those scones look like they are to die for. Super yummy.

  2. Omg my tummy is rumbling at the thought of those scones with the cream!! Is that clotted cream, by any chance? I had it in Turkey and it was the best cream I’ve ever tasted, and I’m still thinking about it! I don’t think the US has clotted cream, but I believe they said it was a English thing!

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