Blog Posts That Make You Want to Travel

Most of the blogs I read are travel blogs, I love to feel like I’m travelling when really I am sitting on my laptop at home or on my morning commute on the train. And one of the best things about blogging is the connections you can make with people from all over the world, who are living and travelling all over the world too!

Time and time again I read a blog post about a place I have never been to, or even heard of, and know nothing about and I instantly want to book a flight there! Seeing a place through somebody else’s eyes and camera lens can be enough to transport you there.  So today, I wanted to share five places, from around the world, which were never on my radar but now, thanks to the beautiful writing and photography of these bloggers, are firmly on the list.

All photos have been taken from the wonderful blogs that I have linked to.

Place:  Istanbul, Turkey.

Blogger:  Courtney from Adelante.

Blog post:  Awestruck in Istanbul.

When I read this post, and saw Courtney’s amazing photos from the vibrant and colourful city of Istanbul, I wanted to go instantly!  I remember just thinking, I need to go to those markets, I need to see all of that architecture and I need to soak up all of those beautiful colours!  Istanbul is a must see place for me, and I’d love to go some day!IMG_0826 istanbul1

Place:  Taipei, Taiwan.

Blogger :  Anna from Slightly Astray.

Blog post:  17 Reasons Why Taipei is the Coolest (In Photos!)

Taipei is somewhere that has never crossed my radar, and somewhere that I know very little about… i.e nothing!  But after reading Anna’s post, I was sold!  Anna lists the best things about the city, which include the bakeries, the locals and the street fashion.  It sounds like such a cool city with a great vibe and so many things to do… take me there!

Taipei-wild-boar-sausage-vendor Taipei-MRT

Place:  Hallstatt, Austria.

Bloggers: Amy from Amy and the Great World // Christine from A Keane Sense of Adventure.

Posts:  A Letter to Hallstatt by Amy & A Million Dollar View by Christine.

This one is a double whammy.  I’d never heard of Hallstatt until Amy posted about it a little while ago and I was in awe; mountains and lakes seem to be the dream combination and this looks like a place that was so peaceful and wonderful, that I was googling it instantly! IMG_6979 Then, Christine went to Hallstatt and published three wonderful posts about the beauty that is Hallstatt, which only confirmed how amazing this place looked, the views are just unbelievable. Christine also took a boat across the lake, with some truly beautiful views!! Hallstatt View 3

Place:  The Scottish Highlands.

Blogger:  Michelle from Mish Fish 13.

Blog post: Highlander For a Few Days

Despite living very close to Scotland, I have only been twice and you know that thing, where you don’t end up travelling to places that are close to you… well I guess that happened because when I opened Michelle’s post, I really couldn’t believe that this nature was so very close.  Look at it, it’s incredible!  Thank you for opening my eyes, Michelle.15990503812_075f5c973c_b 15803909760_1842415174_b

Place:  The Sahara Desert.

Blogger:  Lauren from Lauren on Location.

Blog Post:  Sahara Snapshots.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that my mouth dropped open when I read Lauren’s post all about the Sahara.  The colour of that sand is insane!  It such a different type of landscape from the mounatins that usually appeal to me, but it looks incredible!16872255469_da05514b3d_b 16438314413_228a9e6ec1_b

Thanks so much for the inspiration, girls!

So tell me, which places have you been introduced to through blogs?

Happy Weekend!!

Marcella xx

18 thoughts on “Blog Posts That Make You Want to Travel

  1. Lovely post and lovely idea! I have to agree with many of those – I’m dreaming of Istanbul and of Hallstatt! And thanks for making me discover new blogs too! 🙂

  2. I loooooooved this!!! What a great idea. Now I need to delve further and see some other blogs I need to explore (and places as well). Happy travels and wishing of travels, Cheryl

  3. Ohhhh, wanderlust is peaking again!!! And I just got back from travelling! 🙂 I love the travel blogs a lot and I totally understand what you wrote about feeling like travelling while reading them!

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